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Joe Biden to Meet With the NRA

mrowland703 Wrote: Jan 08, 2013 8:06 PM
Naa, I guess we should just let tens of thousands of people a year here in this great country shoot each other whenever they want. Its a good idea I guess to keep letting children in schools die as well. But hey at least you all have your guns!
T115 Wrote: Jan 08, 2013 8:31 PM
YOU put them in harms way with your stupid "gun free" zones, idiot. AND you set all the crazies free with all the rights in the world to create mayhem and havoc. Murder? WHO CARES? A little thing like murder by a psycho is hardly worth the ink the new jerk slimes uses to print the names.

never let a crisis go to waste - and if you don't have one handy, set one up!! (Reichstag fire, anyone??)

Come and get em.

obama delenda est
rman859 Wrote: Jan 08, 2013 8:23 PM
non gang related murders are about 3000 per year
jthompson973 Wrote: Jan 08, 2013 8:22 PM
Let me tell you a little something ! if you think gun control will work ! Then you must think that the Gang members and Crooks will turn in their guns ? You need to check out more stats, then what the Government wants you to read ! The more homes that have guns, the less crime that happens, because they know they might get shot breaking in to them ! The crime rate is at it's lowest right now ! In over the last 20 years ! Yea it's sad what happened ! BUT DON'T BLAME THE GUNS ! A GUN IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE MAN THAT HOLDS IT ! Not all cops or good men ! Remember that ! and when someone breaks into your home and rapes you ! And there is nothing you can do about it ! You would wish you had a gun ! cops can't stop them so we will !
RickG_Prov_RI Wrote: Jan 08, 2013 8:20 PM
Only defenseless kids will die again in a school massacre after guns are banned. Fathers, Uncles, Brothers, Cousins and Friends who are trained and armed would be more than happy to spend time with the kids and drop any psychopath that would harm them. I know it's a difficult concept for some people to grasp but there are men with guns that can be trusted.

The National Rifle Association has accepted an invitation from the White House to engage in a discussion as part of Vice President Joe Biden's gun task force. More from The Hill:

Biden will meet Wednesday with gun-safety organizations and shooting victims groups and on Thursday will meet with gun ownership organizations and sportsmen who use guns recreationally, according to the White House.

NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam said the organization accepted an invitation received from the White House late Friday.

"We are sending a rep to hear what they have to...