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Trashing Achievements

MrObstat Wrote: Jul 20, 2012 9:26 AM
"Imaginative" does not do justice to the despicable, cynical, purposeful, opportunistic, anti-fairness, anti-Native-American, anti-American lies uttered by She-Lies-a-Bit Warren (™) consistently over several years to break into the Ivy Leagues. Both Warren and Harvard should be ashamed of actively participating in this pathetic scheme to reward an unqualified Warren and gain institutional credit for liberal pieties on the backs of generations of Native American victims. Harvard should investigate Warren when she returns to Harvard after her spring leave of absence. When Obama and Warren blather about not deserving any credit for one's position in society, they really should expand their horizons and stop talking only about themselves
There was a time, within living memory, when the achievements of others were not only admired but were often taken as an inspiration for imitation of the same qualities that had served these achievers well, even if we were not in the same field of endeavor and were not expecting to achieve on the same scale.

The perseverance of Thomas Edison, as he tried scores of materials before finally trying tungsten as the filament of the light bulb he was inventing; the dedication of Abraham Lincoln as he studied law on his own while struggling to make a living -- these were...