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Didn't Mary, Joseph, and God have a similar problem about 2,000 years ago? That worked out okay.
Pathetically paranoid and clueless much? His boss fired him for good reason. There was no Right Wing conspiracy. Stop projecting pathetic Liberal ideas onto others.
Michelle's outfit doesn't seem quite so expensive when figured on a cost per square yard.
Oh, great! Now DWS is contending that the GOP is made up of cereal killers! How low can she get?!
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Trashing Achievements

MrObstat Wrote: Jul 20, 2012 9:26 AM
"Imaginative" does not do justice to the despicable, cynical, purposeful, opportunistic, anti-fairness, anti-Native-American, anti-American lies uttered by She-Lies-a-Bit Warren (™) consistently over several years to break into the Ivy Leagues. Both Warren and Harvard should be ashamed of actively participating in this pathetic scheme to reward an unqualified Warren and gain institutional credit for liberal pieties on the backs of generations of Native American victims. Harvard should investigate Warren when she returns to Harvard after her spring leave of absence. When Obama and Warren blather about not deserving any credit for one's position in society, they really should expand their horizons and stop talking only about themselves
According to Obama-logic, George W. Bush should get the credit for that...
I can't help but notice that this liberaldogstyle liberal mouthpiece evidently agrees that things are improving faster in those states where Republicans have won election. It is absolutely pathetic that this fellow tries to change the subject in the style of Saul Alinsky. The truth scares him. Ask him about Obama cozying up to George Clooney and Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker and the other anti-American milionaires. Four more months! Four more months!
I still think she's very hot. I would love to do to her what Obama is doing to the country.
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As the Boomers Head for the Barn

MrObstat Wrote: May 15, 2012 8:53 AM
The crime rate has not set new records. The murder rate has trended down from the horribly high numbers of the past couple of decades down to the levels of the 1970s. Rates for rape, assault, and robbery have also trended down somewhat in recent years. The problem is that the "new normal low rate" is still way higher than the much lower rate of the 1950s and early 1960s. Property crime is down in the past 10 years but it is much higher than rates from 50 years ago. Aging baby boomers are not as spry as they used to be and can't seem to commit as many violent crimes as they once were able to commit. This is one of the positive results of the aging of the boomer generation population bump. .
Obama successfully won election by blaming everything on the person who had won the previous presidential election. I recommend that he try this c*ap in 2012. It would be more accurate this time.
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