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Chavez, Did you just graduate from kindergarten or are you one of those born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Almost everything you stated in this article is a lie. Furthermore what the American people want is for illegals to be removed from this nation and for Americans to be put back to work and making at least the same wages they were making 10 years ago. I would suggest you go write for the huff po, where visions of sugarplums are written as if they are truth. Your propaganda is not well received Chavez.
obamadeath has harmed those willing to work full time, it only took more from the tax payer to give to those who think they are everyone elses problem. Even those who thought they were going to receive more from those they have enslaved, have discovered, they have nothing. obamadeath was not about health care, it was about the destruction of this nation and those few of us who read it , before it was passed, knew it. You have not seen anything yet.
That is a racist statement, it is their culture, their belief, that , blacks should be allowed to murder, rape, pillage and burn.
That would be my guess based on the information we have at this time. :)
Considering anything Christian has been persecuted from saying "Bless you", to Jesus, to Christmas Trees, to praying, to God, Yes, I would say there is a little problem when people persecute Jesus and pander, coddle murdering , raping , pillaging savages.
In a nutshell, he will stand with the spawn of hell, islam, against not just America but all nations. Thank you for posting this.
The racist blacks are certain to riot, they are allowed to muder, pillage and rape because they are black, they have made that clear.
The people of China created their own hell, it's up to them to fix it. America is now working on creating it's own hell, I suggest your time is better spent in educating the ignorant right here in America.
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