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I didn't bother listening to it, waste of time. If the idiots lips are moving he is lying, if his pen is moving he is oppressing and driving this nation further down the road of destruction. I don't just blame this pos however, I blame every American who accepted his bribes, his trinkets, at the expense of tax payers.
See the face of the enemy of freedom, it sits in the sit of power in the United States, we, America, have become the enemy of freedom, of justice and liberty.
We are voting for the same type of gov, we need to rid ourselves of both the gop and the dems who run under 2 different names but are in fact one party.
Yes we do, it's because there is only one party, they play good cop / bad cop , their actions are always the same when it comes to legislation. Time to rid this nation of those 2 parties and start fresh.
Lol! I am thankful none of these people were injured. They do need to seek mental help however.
Did I miss something? Who the he double l blamed the thug in chief? I see 0 connection between the thug in chief and these poor mentally ill people.
If the commenter wasn't letting them live as they choose the commenter would have been the one to gas them. They are mentally ill people, do you understand that? They are sick, what they are doing is sick, this goes beyond just dressing up to have fun. They need help.
I didn't either. I did vote, last time, hoping I was wrong and there are 2 parties. I wasn't wrong, there is one party , the party of corruption and I'm not voting for the party of corruption anymore, I'm done with the pretend voting booth. I'm not done however with fighting, it's just that now , all of the enemy of this nation have been identified.
They don't care how much of our money they spend, they will sick their Nazi irs on us, they will take every dime we have to "redistribute" our perceived wealth. I keep wondering, Americans, do you believe now, there is one party, the party of corruption and do we have courage to bring them down and protect this once blessed nation or will we continue to sit idly by , like sheep, being led to the slaughter and allow the one party to destroy this nation?
I have imagined it and prayed for it, we will not see it till Christ returns. We are seeing prophecy fulfilled now, prophecy written 2000 years ago that foretold of the events we see taking place now. I thought I would be dead before the fulfillment of the prophecies in Revelations , I was wrong.
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