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A referendum on Republicans? Okie dokie. You are aware that the Dims are in charge and this is Obama's Libya, yes? Never mind. You are obviously an AmericanIdiot. P.S. What pressure? You mean big, bad, tough guy Obama? Coffee all over my screen! LOLOLOL
This article should be front and center in every newspaper in America. I want Obama tried for treason. He's a feckless piece of limp sausage. Not my prez. Romney/Ryan!!
I felt like Romney was the Real president, instead of our poseur-in-chief. Ugh. I want Romney in the WH Asap.
Impeach that SOB!!!!!!!! How dare he run off to Vegas when the Middle East and N. Africa was killing our people? How dare he say anything against Romney--who is a man and loves this country--while he was out for his campaign? Any other president, especially and historically, Republican presidents, would be in the W.H., working the phones, talking with Netenyahu. Good God, is anyone in charge? O has committed treason against America-leaks anyone? WTF? Gone. He is gone. If you're smart, if you love your country, you'll vote for Romney on Nov. 6. He was right to come out fast and furious (held back, I think) against those murders. This president sickens me. Democrats, the lefty left kind, not the patriots, need 2 open their eyes.
Mr. President: May I ask you, what is your favorite flavor of cookies? (Reporter wipes drool off chin). Mr. Romney: How do you expect anyone to take you seriously when dared to make serious charges about the president's chicken$hite foreign policy? Sure, the middle east is burning, but wouldn't you agree that it's Bush's fault?
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[Trailer] Atlas Shrugged Part II

mrichards Wrote: Sep 09, 2012 10:32 PM
I'm surprised Hollywood made this film. I'm happy. I am ready.
Democrats are such drama queens. I mean, really. This isn't Indonesia. Sandra and "her women" aren't dying in emergency rooms. The woman needs a reality check. This isn't 1910 and she's not a suffragette.
Is Sandra living in an alternate universe? I don't recall anyone talking about taking away her right to do whatever she wants with her bod. Is she wearing and burqua? Maybe she should. I'm not paying for your bc pills, Sandy. They ain't meds, btw. Will you pay for my needs? I love chocolate and need it desperately. Just sayin'.
I was thinking that we could have two presidents, and see which one does better. My money's on Romney!
Well, I'm offended, Mr. Brokaw. I mean, I call that white racism, yunno?
Truth? Who needs the truth when you're a Democrat. Plus, Mishy just spoke and that's good 'nuff for me and my moocher clan.
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