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5 Disasters Yet To Come With Obamacare

Mr Huehls Wrote: Jan 14, 2014 3:38 PM
The taxes coming due from ObamaCare are also a jolt. Those of us who receive healthcare insurance from our employer will now pay income taxes on the employer's contribution. So if you end up in the 7.5% bracket, which is fairly low, and you have a 12K dollar insurance premium that your employer pays 8K dollars of and you pay 4K dollars of, you will have the 8K added to your taxable income. That is an additional $600 on 4.15.2015. The median family income pays in the 15% bracket. That is $1200. Ugh! Not subject to withholding either, at least not yet.
Good! It is about time! Maybe now the Catholic soldiers will be able to attend Mass on base, and not end up at the chapel only to find it locked up and the civilian priests denied access to base. It is a war against Christianity and Judaism, but not Islam. It is part and parcel the product of progressive liberals worshiping the state, and beating down the Christians and Jews because they recognize God has dominion over all things of man. Progressive liberals cannot do that, because then their ideology would collapse in on itself. The touchy, feels good, free for all of progressive liberalism cannot hold up unless there is no higher being than their ideology so they can take their pagan religion as a basis for their do what ever you want way of life.
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Obama's Afghanistan Mess

Mr Huehls Wrote: Jan 03, 2014 11:57 AM
It's been proven time and time again that progressive liberals will not defend this country or its citizens abroad. The just cannot bring themselves to do it. The only real justice here would be that they themselves suffer the consequences of their actions just as our soldiers do. Competent analysis shows that the Muslim extremists that will just return to terrorism, cannot be killed and therefore must be contained for life. However, progressive liberals will not face that reality, and so we have more casualties in an undeclared war.
All because Rachael Carlson wrote "Silent Spring" and killed the production of DDT which does not kill birds as she ever so wrongly said. The mania post publication of her lie was what we have now with the media propagated hoax that men in suits passing laws can actually defeat the grand plans of "Mother Nature". Carlson has indirectly killed and continues to kill thousands of people world wide because she just had to tell a lie.
Are they going to throw him in jail for a year or so. He certainly needs something to straighten him out. A year in a Brazilian jail would at least give his neighbors a year of safety for the neighborhood.
Not to be unexpected or uprising. Yasser Arafat was an international criminal and extortionist whose family now lives among the ultra rich in Switzerland on money meant to support the Palestinian poor and unemployed. Why he lived so long as he did is a question without answer. In this day I'm sure Obama would have tagged him with a drone missile launch for sure.
Terry McAuliffe is a victim of his own making. LPS (Liberal Progressive Syndrome, irrational denial of factual information) suffers trip themselves up all the time. If the media minions were not also suffers of LPS and so apt to cover co-suffers slips into reality, these people would get help they so desperately need.
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