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Rand Paul: GOP Must "Evolve"

mrheaume Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 10:52 AM
Is there anyone who actually believes the borrow and spend GOP is perfectly fine the way it is?
I'm fiscally conservative and socially liberal, and I won't vote for Republicans or Democrats. Goldberg doesn't even mention real social issues. They are all freedom issues, and freedom is important to me, both fiscal and social freedoms. The biggest social issues for me are the drug war, prostitution, gay marriage, and militarism. I take the small government view on each of these issues. You guys might not think these are important issues, but I won't tolerate any politician that infringes upon the decision making of sound minded adults. Either you believe in a free state, or you don't. I won't settle for candidates who don't respect my personal sovereignty.
Are you trying to say that if Republicans actually believed in small government, they might start winning elections again? I would add one more b: building other nations.
I won't defend Obama, but our spending problem started long before he took office, and I see absolutely no reason to believe that Mitt Romney would radically change course. ¡Obomney 2012! baahh
I hate the black whining just as much as you do, I just wanted to point out how absurd his logic was. I'm glad your Ethopian friend made it over here and is doing well. Hard working immigrants are a great asset to a country. I think we need a good immigration policy to keep the narcos out, and let the hardworking people like your friend in, who don't steal jobs (as if it's possible to steal a job, a voluntary contract between individuals), but create them by educating themselves and contributing to the growth of the economy.
Yes we "allowed" way to many slaves to enter. We told them to keep their black azzez in Africa, yet they managed to keep finding their way over here chained to boats.
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