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You can't seriously be that obtuse. There was a time when alcohol was associated with drive by shootings, strong arm robberies, and homicides. It was the era of prohibition, when alcohol was illegal. Are you seriously incapable of making that connection?
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The Strange Source of Our Cuba Policy

mrheaume Wrote: Dec 21, 2014 8:34 AM
Why would a totalitarian socialist argue to expand the travel rights of Americans, and make our country more friendly to capitalism by increasing free-trade? A trade embargo is much closer to socialism than capitalism, because it limits commerce and distorts the market. If Cuba wants to have terrible communist policies, we shouldn't copy them by limiting trade and travel of our citizens.
George Washington certainly had a different opinion about torture. Maybe you think these cave dwelling camel humpers are a greater existential threat to us than the British empire was? Washington refused to condone torture while trying to father our country, but somehow, we need to torture now.
Good luck trying to explain that to this crowd. They're about as interested in individual liberty as Obama is. None of them can see the irony of calling Obama a Marxist for actually taking a step towards opening economic relations with Cuba.
How do you figure? This increases the liberty of Americans. More of us are now freer to travel where we want, and spend our money how it pleases us. It's the trade embargo that's an anathema to individual liberty. Liberty means allowing people to travel and engage in trade, not preventing them from doing so.
The best part is when the same people who thought we were going to turn Iraq into a flourishing democracy are the ones who are/were calling a non-interventionist policy naive.
Hell yea!
He was against us going to war in Iraq, and he's against us getting involved in the Ukraine. There's no contradiction here.
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