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Gun Carrying Man Stops Stabbing Spree in Utah

mregister Wrote: Jul 31, 2012 11:06 AM
yes the anti gun mantra "lets take away guns so we can be safer" doesnt work very well does it..look at Australia since the gun eradication program home invasion robbery has gone up 40 percent ..on the other hand the georgia city that mandates every household have a gun has not had ONE armed home invasion and no murders . just think 300 sheeple in that theater left there gun at home. because some politician deemed movie theaters to be a "gun free (wacko shooting) zone" .

Another Second Amendment success story: A man carrying a gun in a Utah grocery store stopped a man that went on a stabbing spree after purchasing the knife in the store.

Espinoza says, the knife wielding man seriously injured two people. "There is blood all over. One got stabbed in the stomach and got stabbed in the head and held his hands and got stabbed all over the arms."

Then, before the suspect could find another victim - a citizen with a gun stopped the madness. "A guy pulled gun on him and told...

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