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speaking of playing politics ...its not reps and dems its 535 millionaire greedy crooks in the district of criminals like it the way it is ..they love to hear the folks complain about rep&dem fault . its the ol divide the folks into name calling silliness ...wake up henry
i am so sick of these work from home scammers with there lieing bullsh*t ...if it is so lucrative why are these shills running these bullsh*t ads to try and recruit more folks ..seems the logical thing to do is to shutup so the little ol ladys can repeat making 20k in just a few hours without more competition ...nah its the selling of the kits that make these shills rich. dont get sucked in
just call me one of those nasty ol "birthers" . It pisses me off how obummer has the judges scared shitless and every time somebody tries to find a court that will go after him the judge claims "you have no standing" the birth cert isnt harming you . then he trots out a photoshop piece of junk with plenty of glaring errors and the talking head say "there now everybody should be happy". what ever happened to government ,for the people , by the people, of the people. welcome to AMERIKA.
yes fuzzy2 ....think about it who is buying this overgrown golf cart on steroids ...some rich folks who dont have to drive a lot of trip miles..they have the Cadillac in the garage for that.or fly..I read where the folks buying this toy are making a average of 150k a year ...joe sixpack is buying the chev sonic at 12k and getting 40mpgs. and dont have to worry that it will go up in flames if it gets whacked ..just like solendra its a bad idea propped up by the Obummer crew
"the US has valued innocent life" bulls**it ...what about the fire bombing of dresden during ww2 with 1500 bombers killing 50,000 civilians...how about the men wimen and children in nagasaki and hiroshima...oh but we ended the war..guess you never heard about the mialia massacre in vietnam....please understand bombs dont know good guys from bad guy....we just call it "colateral damage" and move to the next war
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Obama Makes Birth Certificate Joke

mregister Wrote: Sep 11, 2012 11:25 AM
well he is right to laugh about his photoshop hoax birth cert . actually the funny part is the way obummer has the legal system so scared shitless . no judge i the country will allow it in his court. even tho it has been proven by plenty of errors contained within to be a complete fabrication. even donald trump was told to shut-up.
yes i agree but you missed an important topic "global outsourcing" .RCA gone,,,MOTOROLA gone,,IBM gone,,APPLE gone,,(to china)etc etc . sure the service industry is still here ...can you flip burgers for 7.50 hr and still afford a home...i bought 3 acres in 1970 and built two homes now my daughter, husband and 2 kids share the land. i am happy they are there to share the costs. as POGO said "we have met the enemy and they are us"
I wish i could find out what this liar in chief holds over the media that they are scared shitless to vet..like...the complete fraud birth cert with multiple glaring errors . even hospital patient records dont show stanley dunham ever was in that place. then we have the SSN fraud of his number being a dead fellows one...then we have his fraudulent draft card ...and his sealed passport docs ,,his trip to russia all paid for when he was pennyless..his trip to indoneisa when americans were not allowed in....and why are the birth records in kenya sealed when he proportedly wasnt born there..and why was he kicked out of the bar association. this fellow has more skeletons in his closet than imelda marcus has shoes in hers...
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Afghan Ambush

mregister Wrote: Aug 08, 2012 12:46 PM
I am a firm believer in the oxymoron "military intelligence" seems the higher up desk pushers think that sending a few grunts down a dusty trail in enemy territory is perfectly logical..oops ..the taliban ambushed and killed a few..so tomorrow lets do the exact same mission..does anybody see the complete stupidity here ?
well you did miss a point that if technology makes sense and there is a market for it. then the country with the cheapest labor cost will kill the country with the more expensive labor cost. the reason Apple products are made with chinese labor is that they pay then $7.00 a day . Why do you think GM is moving there design center to china.
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