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I love the Stepford wives ref. that is the perfect description!!!
Check out the other woman in Oblamers life Valerie Jerrett... enough said!!!
Ann- So very well said!
Nikkofly; God gave him a brain and a heart. He has done the very best with the gifts that has been given to him. One of the major points that you are missing from this article is that those who thought that they were "cool" did nothing with the gifts that they were given. They wasted them and their lives went nowhere!!!
What I truly like about Dr. Carson is that he does not speak above others... he does not have an haughty attitude. More like good old common sense. I wish more people of color would not treat him like an "Uncle Tom". They should realize that his expressing what he has learned from his mother and life experience.
Draw... I think Ice TEA sound oh so much better!!!
You know I just was not prepared today for this!!! I bet forefathers are all rolling over in their graves... This Bazzarow government is just disgusting! Why in the heck do I even bother! Oh that's right I have a family to feed and bills to pay. That is exactly what and upstanding citizen does! We are so s--ewed and I did not get a kiss first. I need to go take a bath!
I find this truly amazing!!! No wonder people are joining the TEA party. The only thing I think can happen next is to get the Senate make this crazy fool lame! Then focus on 2016.
Draw- I have a very sick feeling about this... maybe I need to go see a doctor. Oh I can't because the ACA coverage is completely worthless!
Ok let me see if I understand this... The CBO is out and the Obama Administration is already putting some kind of weird spin as to the lessening work force. The people will choose to not work because they get higher subsidies. With less people working less putting in for taxes to pay for theses subsidies? Then I have to support these lazy and they gain more from it? I do not understand the logic!!!
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