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We all know right off the bat that the figure they have used for over 10 years of legalizing 11 million illegals is a bogus number. It will be more like 25 million and all it will accomplish will be to bring more and more people in this country illegally. That, of course, is by design and folks like the 'gang of eight' and every other supporter of amnesty is being totally dishonest. The shame is we are accepting fraud in our politicians actions as a given. Can't do anything to stop it!
Tax haven = tax fraud, period!
These congress folks should be charged with treason. This is, as usual, about money which is about power which is about votes. None of these law makers give a tinkers dam about 'illegals' as people. Isn't it interesting that no facts are ever presented having to do with the cost of implementation or the already staggering cost of health care and their other gimmies such as education and lax law enforcement. Why do we continue to re-elect these morons over and over when your interests are not their concern!
Why are we so concerned about Lew being unqualified and inept for this appointment to the treasury when his boss Obama is worse yet. Like they say (and you know who they are, right!) the further up the intellectual ladder you are the more closed minded you tend to be. That makes for a dangerous leader.
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Every Idea Is an Incitement

MrChaly Wrote: Jan 07, 2013 12:16 PM
Most college students are educated past the point of usefulness. You can include Congress in that observation also!
The thinking in this article is exactly why the Republicans lost the election and it is really too bad. I couldn't vote for a Democrat for any reason because they don't respect life or virtually any other lib reason they use. But continually using the fraudulent argument about the '47%' and 'entitlements' when you don't seem to even understand their meaning is shameful for a Conservative. It just brings tears to your eyes to listen to people crying about the wealthy having to pay. Maybe we should put a base of double the poverty level as the only write off and see how they like actually paying without their created loopholes. Those are the same folks who took your jobs overseas and then don't return the money over here and pay the taxes.
And why would someone call her 'just another Hollywood hooker'. How nasty!
Bottom line here; anyone who votes with the democrat party is guilty of the murder of 1.6 M unborn babies in one year. I can guarantee you that is not what Christ would have you do. Guilty as charged, period!
Good 'ol Obama. He see's nothing wrong going on here and Napolitano is a fruit cake.
American's are complacent about our impending bankruptcy? You are reading the people wrong. The problem is that too many writers have all the answers but none of the solutions. When have you heard someone detail the fixes to the economy that make sense. Never. It is a sound-bite world and the fixes will be traumatic so the people don't know what to do. What we have done is try to trust our officials and look where that's gotten us! As far as taxing our way out of this as some suggest, you are delusional! Believe it or not, so is Paul Krugman.
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