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Did Saudi Prince Buy Fox's Silence?

MrBarrySoetoro Wrote: Jun 11, 2012 2:55 AM
Obama's purported birth certificate indicates a foreign father, precluding his eligibility for not being a "natural born citizen" (NBC) born in U.S. of U.S. citizen parents (plural) as deduced directly from and required by Article 2, Section 1, of the Constitution. See the essay "Obama is Not An Eligible Natural Born Citizen" at for the logical proof. POTUS must be a NBC, not just a citizen. The meaning of a NBC is not ambiguous by being undefined in the Constitution. The Constitution doesn't define any terms. The words: defined, definition or meaning, do not appear anywhere in the Constitution. The usurper Obama's birth certificate and other identity anomalies, pertain more to if he's even a U.S. citizen!

Have you heard about the 23-year-old Saudi journalist who tweeted an imaginary conversation with Muhammad? It went something like this: He loved Muhammad, he hated Muhammad, he couldn't understand Muhammad, he wasn't going to pray for Muhammad. If this isn't exactly a disquisition on faith and doubt a la "The Brothers Karamazov," remember, we're just talking Twitter.

If you haven't heard of this young man, whose name is Hamza Kashgari, it could be because you're watching too much Fox News. As of this writing, almost a week after the Kashgari story broke, I haven't found a single story about it at the...