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My little daughter will never go into the military here in the US. I won,t allow it and she better not try. tell the military to read the book of Romans very slow. idiots.
I will never vote for CC. period.
Go back to your wife CS , Jay, idiot
Mountain Rose, and just who is Israel? Is not true Israel the Church where all, Jew and Gentile, become one in Christ Jesus? Don,t look to Israel over in the middle east for true Israel.
I am sorry to say. Yes i did not care for the lady. but she is gone now and i doubt it that she knew who Christ Jesus is and knows now. God does not delight in people going to hell. read the article wrote long ago. "Sinners in the hands of an Angry God", by J. Edwards. I am afraid that now Helen Thomas knows this.
Liberalism . what would you expect. there is no such thing as a free lunch. one day all this trying to say there is a free lunch will come back to bite you. suck it up Detroit and pay the piper now. idiots
Suck it up unions , fools and idiots
If my daughter , who is now age 4, ever grow up and say about going into politics then i will come back from the grave to spank her. I want her to be useful and use her brain and not like some to the quacks in D.C. what low life,s who prey on whoever they can and get away with it and make themselves rich. jerks.
If it is the law of the land, then the stupid question is how does the stupid President get to say to delay it to after the mid-term election? He is not a stupid King. he does not get to say, "Oh yes , it is good to be a King". Repeal the whole stupid law.
No way would i vote for her. I live in KY. Not thrilled with Mitch though.
Bill Clinton one day is going to croak. what does he say then?
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