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AFL-CIO, suck it up suckers and get out your mony and pay the piper now. you wanted it , now go lie in your bed or roses and cry. fools.
WE will see what she says about this when she croaks and is before God. "opps"
Hmmm, i guess i am not much of one who believes that the Lord Jesus is God and will one day return just as he said.
at some point the millions will figure it out that they are expendable. and they are on the chopping block.
tell us the facts then. we are waiting.
Yes, and here is the world , maybe a few do, but don,t tax their citizens if they are in another country and working. Leave it to the crooks in the Federal Gov to shaft everybody they can. bloodsucker parasites is the President and Congress and the IRS
Just another way for the blood suckers of the US government t shaft people out of mony. the US Congress, US President and IRS want to bleed everybody they can in taxes so they are the masters and everybody else is licking their boots and we all die with nothing. jerks , low life,s like H.R. who said taxes were voluntary. yea right.
My little daughter will never go into the military here in the US. I won,t allow it and she better not try. tell the military to read the book of Romans very slow. idiots.
I will never vote for CC. period.
Go back to your wife CS , Jay, idiot
Mountain Rose, and just who is Israel? Is not true Israel the Church where all, Jew and Gentile, become one in Christ Jesus? Don,t look to Israel over in the middle east for true Israel.
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