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NBC got bought by Comcast, look it up
there is a world of difference between institutional racism like in the 60's and the then need for the civil rights protest and today where racism is more on an individual level where examples can be seen on both sides. Al and Jessie must be careful to not over play their hand or there will be a big backfire, that want be pretty....
but did they have skittles????
Where is the Hispanic anger.. January 2013 Gabriel Mobley (black), 36, claims he shot two (Hispanic) men in self-defense outside a Chili's on NW 57th Avenue. Caught on film. Not arrested, until months later where is Jessie and gang????
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Everyone I know, Dem and Repub agree to this. Why is it so hard for our congress to support this? Flat tax, Everyone that earns money does a tax return and gets a 20k deduction and then pays 15% over 20k. People at the lowest income level get off because WE ARE a caring country and some people just can't make enough to live on. How the hell can you say this would not be fair.
I just got notice of a 15% increase on my 10,000 annual deductible plan I have had for 5 years and never have come close to the deductible. What about Obama promising over and over in 2008 how he would work with employers so we would get a 2,500 reduction in premium costs?? All republicans need to do is show that over and over again.
In a perfect world.... As the gov't we need to make sure it is there, as repubs, it would probably a mixture of both
Thank you Mr Brooks!!!! The whole Republican platform should be around an "Iron Clad Safety Net" . Because every republican I know cares about it and gives to organizations that provide such things. We just never talk about it to the degree needed. From this One principle every other idea is spawned. Example: Do we really need this program or can we use fund more effectively for the safety net? Do we need big bird or could we use the funds to strengthen after school day care? Everything that doesn't take care of poor, interstate commerce, defense goes.
Not to worry.... Obama will be around shortly to work with your employer to reduce your healthcare insurance by $2,500 a year. I mean that is what he said over and over on the 2008 campaign trail right?
Chris, The failed Jimmy Carter speech writer, politics were totally rejected in 1980 and he hasn't gotten over it yet.
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