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The Obama Dilemma He needs the Hispanic vote, but he wants them out of the country because they take jobs and resources that he believes should be going to African America community. Republicans should show this on Telemundo and at the end simply say "Could you imagine him saying this to a Black Man!"
So if someone showed up on time, worked hard and is now making $10.00 hr, do they stay at $10.00? Or will they have to get a raise to $13.00? A little more complicated than it looks you know ....kind-of like healthcare.
"The exact way genetic mutations lead to new species may not be entirely well understood" It is very well understood. Mutation of any significants leads to death. NOT a knew species (which is different from a species slowly evolving into a stronger form).
Ted Cruz, like most everyone, knows that obamacare will be a total failure. So when it happens, he will be the one guy who can say I told you so and which is why I (Ted) fought so hard against it. And the Rhinos answer will be ... we new it too, but didn't stand against it. No one will remember the inconvenience only that he stood alone...
As Obamacare will be an epic fail. And, why I believe we should let it collapse on itself, Cruz will be walking around being able to say "I told you so"... And not a lot of people will have a good come back for that.
Stop the Madness! This years powerful and deadly hurricane's are a direct result of coal and uh, eh, err....never mind....
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Here Comes Obamacare "Sticker Shock"

Mr. Simple Wrote: Sep 08, 2013 8:13 PM
Most people don't buy insurance for themselves, but for their families. Where is a table for that?
NBC got bought by Comcast, look it up
there is a world of difference between institutional racism like in the 60's and the then need for the civil rights protest and today where racism is more on an individual level where examples can be seen on both sides. Al and Jessie must be careful to not over play their hand or there will be a big backfire, that want be pretty....
but did they have skittles????
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