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as more facts come out, it looks like a justified shooting -- time for jesse and al to move on
if the ammo prices would come down, we could take them out of the safes and let them play at range -- then they would have a lot better attitude (maybe then, they would just chant "MAIM ... MAIM ... MAIM")
they don't believe him, either -- they just want to protect the "one" -- they like everybody else knows this came straight from the white house it is past time to start impeachment hearings
"This is my administration and I always take responsibility for whatever happens." then, "In an effort to explain the problem, Obama said scheduling problems are often a result of "old computers" and old scheduling systems..." not really taking responsibility, huh
I might have to grow me a beard -- I mean look at their women.... and, +1 for Jesus...
they just do what massa say to do....
as a white man, all I have to say is... she needs to get her butt in the kitchen and make me a sandwich...
abortion -- he is "The Abortion President"
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