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The photo begs for your captions balloons. Here's mine- a thought cloud above Netinyahu: "This bozo is in such a hurry for his Nobel peace prize that he forgot to use deodorant this morning".
Franken will win.
The fact of the matter is that wishy washy conservatism doesn't work. Voters never vote for Democrat -lite when they can have the real thing. Franken gets another four years.
The heading of this story tells me that Iran will have it's nukes in 4 months and a day, Barrack Obama's legacy.
Removing Mother's Day and Father's Day can't be far behind.
Jimmy Carter is off the hook now.
The other 24 % believe in the Tooth Fairy and that they can keep their doctor.
Maybe this restaurant can ask Moochele to help out with a #Bring back our money campaign?
Prestige? In the words of Slick Willy '"now that's a good one"!
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