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Is the Banana Slipping Away?

Blowtorch of Reason Wrote: Mar 17, 2014 3:33 PM
Oh no, what will Ray Comfort have to use once they are gone?
You had a typo, I am sure you meant to say "the era of sanity and reason is beginning"
Actually we ALL have been paying taxes for churches to exist as they don't pay any taxes (income nor property)
Then should they allow Muslims to hand out Qurans or non-religious groups to hand out their materials? A recruit is joining the US Armed Forces, not a religious cult. They are there to protect and serve the USA. The USA has thousands of different belief systems and can not endorse or promote a single one of them.
Because Americans are finally realizing that the era of Christian privilege is coming to an end.
No, I am a Libertarian against excessive regulation. Why are you statist-republicans against all regulations except for putting your bible in place of the law?
This is so idiotic. Less than 2% of all abortions happen in the third trimester, less than 1% of those are done for non-medical reasons. What is a shame is the over-reaching acts of state legislatures that are added to these bills. (see: Texas)
It is these extra regulations that the court will find excessive and places undue barriers on women and it will be stricken. This bill is extremely political. It was not approved nor endorsed by the major health associations in Texas. It has political favoritism and cronyism. They have also positioned it as something that it really is not. You would think that this was a democrat legislature passing this bill as excessive the government regulations are in it. What if this bill was not about abortions, but say purchasing a firearm? We can all agree that being 21 years old is a good baseline to be able to buy a firearm. But what if we put in some regulations where only five gunshops would be able to sell firearms? Additionally, those approved shops are operated by a company who has a relative of the governor on their board. Furthermore, if you want to purchase ammo then you must go back to these approved gun-shops schedule an appointment, then go back after you used the ammo to show what you used them on. Do you see what I am trying to explain here?
The aim for this bill was not the 20 weeks ban. If that is all they wanted, then that is all they should have passed. No, this was about control. The 20 weeks ban was there to get the vocal religious right and pro-life crowd active. If the bill was just to ban elective abortions after 20 weeks (except for the life of the mother or other medical necessity) then I would not have been against the bill. The additional regulations that are in this bill are the issue. The surgical center requirements means that the only clinics that will be open (that meet the regulations) will be the ones owned by the company that has Gov. Perry's sister as a VP. Additionally, if a woman were to chose to take a "morning after" or like pill, that is available without a prescription, they MUST take it in the presence of a doctor in one of the approved centers (remember there are now only five in the state) and must schedule a follow-up visit. If this were about safety, they would make the regulations apply to ALL clinics--even plastic surgery clinics (they don't) since the mortality rate at plastic surgery clinics is 30 times higher than at abortion clinics.
Most of the anti-abortion people seem to forget is that Kermit Gosnell's clinics DID NOT MEET ANY OF THE ESTABLISHED REQUIREMENTS. If you continue to pass legislation that makes it harder for reputable clinics to operate you create an environment where the Gosnell-like clinics will flourish. You would think that people in here would understand that. When governments pass excessive regulations, it is only the ones following the rules that suffer.
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