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Civilized Sport

Mr. B9 Wrote: Sep 12, 2014 10:50 PM
Linda, I agree with another poster. The problem with many athletes today is that they are raised without fathers in the home. Contrary to popular opinion, boys are taught how to be men and gentlemen by their fathers. Another Townhall article pointed out that some men will never hit a women. A man who has hit a woman in the past will likely do so again. I have never hit a woman. It would be a violation of my very nature to do such a thing. I am also afraid if once I broke that barrier I might be tempted to do so again. Football is violent. That is part of the attraction. I played in high school. The feeling of camaraderie and commitment to your teammates exceeds all other sports. It is like going to war. Learning hard work, discipline and self-sacrifice are part of the blessings of football. When you hear of a soldier sacrificing his life for his comrades on the battlefield, good chance he was a footballer.
31,500? Really? Just to be sure, Let's ask them to gather together in one place. Preferably a broad, flat, open area with no one else around. We'll count them from the air.
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Israel's Justice Minister Tells Off UN

Mr. B9 Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 8:49 PM
Netanyahu - "Get your hand out of my pocket dude."
Bring back Jousting!
Act of War. If I were President the first thing I would do is deploy the U.S. military along the border. Turn back illegals, arrest the drug dealers (and send them to Gitmo) burn their drugs and destroy their equipment. Plus shoot anything violating our airspace.
Buck up Conservatives! It took the Left years to replace the moderate Dems with the b@t-sh!t crazy leaders they have now. Just keep voting the RINOs out of office until the GOP does what the Dems did when they elected Nancy Pelosi, a deep blue rep from deep blue state to represent their interests. The Left very carefully played the long game for decades. Now that they have power they are rolling out every Marxist program they've been lusting after for generations. They no longer hide their intentions. As long as we keep preaching and teaching the truth the tide will turn. The shift has already begun and the Left knows it. The next 30 months are going to be a nightmare for Conservatives as Obama tries to cram every Leftist wish-list agenda item down our throats before the end. The best thing we can do is win the Senate. Then each GOP Senator will be accountable for their votes and each one will be scrutinized. Perhaps we can then minimize the Obama death throes. Hang in there folks!
My Rep. Wow, I feel so good knowing she's working for me in Washington. Maybe now would be a good time to start using drugs. Any recommendations?
Here's a fun idea. At the GOP convention, remove all the chairs from the main floor one day and have Miss Nevada lead the female delegates in a course on self-defense. So much for the war on women meme. Do it during the morning news programs. Might make for some fun TV.
Obama is the wrong color. Red.
Michelle is an ambitious woman who, like Hillary, attached herself to a man who was rising star. When they finally win the big prize she is disappointed to find out her role is not as significant as she hoped it would be. She then spend most of her husband's time in office taking out her frustrations on those who a too small to fight back. The children.
This how the Left took over the Democratic party. It started with protests in the streets and activists challenging the moderate Democrat establishment. It took 50 years but they finally managed to fill the big chair with a small man. The right must follow the same strategy. The Tea Party and talk radio has juiced up the conversation and challenged long held liberal beliefs. They man not be winning elections but they are threatening the R establishment and moving the center of gravity in the Republican party and provoking conversation. The biggest challenge for the right is getting conservative teachers and administrators into positions of authority on college campuses and academia in general. is a good start.
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