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Hong Kong is the place where men with size challenged pee-pees will not be teased. Chinese women are familiar with the small organs common among Asian men.
Spending on social programs cost the federal government close to a trillion dollars annually. Viagra pills given to the homeless under Medicaid coverage should be ended. Millions of those blue pills were given freely to young men who have fathered 10 million children born out of wedlock. One homeless Alpha Male claims to have fathered 50 children thanks to his artificial Viagra e-rection.
Details about dozens of adulterous affairs of the rich and famous will become a best seller. Jill Kelly knows who was doing the nasty in the White House and in three thousand dollar a night hotel suites. Names of her lovers will cause hundreds of divorces. Expect her porno book to hit the market in less than six months.
Few are as loyal to the president as Susan Rice, she always follows orders. Before speaking about the deaths of embassy workers a quick call to the president would have told her what to say. Call her a loyal puppet.
Over fifty informers in Benghazi are paid by the CIA. It would be impossible to have 200 militants organize an attack on the consulate without the CIA getting advance notice. The conclusion would be that the same CIA workers were employed when the Twin Towers was attacked. Gross incompetence and a waste of taxpayers’ money cost four lives.
Generals or politicians that get caught in a lie are never believed again. But those that lied about the murder of four American embassy workers should have their assets expropriated and forced to direct traffic for a living.
Getting more taxes from high earners and the American middle-class has been stone walled, their bucks are untouchable. But the 17 trillion in private retirement pensions are easy pickings, nationalizing those holdings will end debt problems. Retirees will be able to live off government annuities backed by treasury bonds.
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He'll Testify

mpolatnick Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 12:01 PM
Truthfulness is not wise for Petraeus, he is dirty and that secret will be leaked by his partners if he talks. He would rather perjure himself and be sent to prison for a few years.
No secret is more heavily guarded than the names of the hundred mistresses that are employed by international intelligence agencies. Many of these informers have been able to steal the hard drives of their politically powerful lover while he was sleeping. The Petraeus scandal exposes only the tip of the iceberg; some mistresses are being flown out by helicopter to save their erotic butts.
Almost half of America`s household wealth is in the hands of retirees. Most of that money will be passed off to family members after death. Pity the 200 million who don`t have wealthy parents and have no choice but to live in homeless shelters or use their food stamps to survive. Some sort of wealth redistribution is needed; bringing every person back to the starting line would help. http://www.ici.org/pressroom/news/ret_10_q4
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