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Tea Party is not doing well enough. Not enough power. A lot of good talk, but abysmal results. Didn't help enough in 2012. Not enough now. If they won't help in 2014 this movement should be terminated.
Cruz is a senator, so I am not sold on him yet, and his wife is part of Goldman Sachs...which means there could be some juicy info to spin, or to kill his credibility. We need an executive. Someone who actually ran something. Senators are people that sit in fancy chairs, bicker, sign papers...and have meetings with expensive food. Cruz may have too many enemies by the time he runs. He could be a great VP to pick up though. Right now i'm for Scott Walker. Cruz is good at speaking, but i like action over words. Walker has that. My dream come true would still be Romney, but too many moronic evangelical fanatics would rather let this country go to craps before voting for a Mormon.
Wait, Michigan did not write that complaint thought. They are a public school.
Well, yeah. That is correct according to our christian beliefs and when asked about it that would be the right answer. It would be hypocritical to say "yeah i believe that, but i would not want the government to do it". We need immigration reform to a point where all i really want is to know that you (an illegal) is here. You are here? Ok. Come and sign your name here, and get to work. If you still do not have a job in 6 months, you will be deported.
Obama won because stupid evangelical conservatives did not want to vote for a mormon, and stupid far right-wing idiots that didn't find Romney conservative enough. Around FOUR million republican voters did not vote. Did. Not. Vote. That means that in not voting, they voted for this moron in office. Other reasons why Obama won, because he is black and still appealed to the youth. If the guy was white, had white hair, and his name was Jon Wright, he would not have even come close to winning in 2012. Obama can kill someone on live TV and he would still have support because of minority voters, far left wing jerks like Chris Matthews would defend him and blame republicans for making guns legal.
Australians smarter than Americans.
51% only? Should be higher.
So, it was okay for Hussein to murder 400k Kurds, but it's not okay for Assaad to do so on "rebels" that are linked to Al Qaeda as well. Obama screwed up in Libya. Screwed up in Egypt. Yeah...he will definitely not screw up in Syria!
Umm, no. I didn't even mention debated in there. I want the process to be shorter. You can have 10 debates...20...whatever. But, the long process with negative ads and character assassination attempts (thanks Newt and Sanscrotum) make things worse.
I think it's a good move. I just hope that the RNC makes the nomination progress shorter as these nominees end up killing each other's images. Still, i liked Rience up until the guy backstabbed Romney in saying that self deportation is racist. What a sellout. And, what a shame. Romney didn't deserve idiot Republicans like Reince and the moronic evangelicals that refused to vote for a mormon.
I like Walker, but he is as exciting as watching grass grow. Bush and Cruz for 2016. We need a powerhouse and a future star to run. Bush started and finished very well in Florida, a blue state for two straight elections. He knows how to run a state. Knows how to work with the left. Knows the hispanic and black communities. Speaks Spanish. Him and Cruz could potentially steal hispanics from the democrats for many years to come.
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