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How does cutting taxes, balancing the budget, and wanting a strong military and national security make one a RINO?
A great family man. No scandals. A success story in business. Turned Mass. around as gov from ultra liberal policies to conservative policies that cut taxes and balanced the budget. He is a safe bet. Scott Walker is too, i think. To me, it's either Mitt or Walker. But, even if i do not like Rand, Cruz, and Huckabee... i will not put anything before my patriotism for this country and will vote for whoever stands next to the "R" on the ballot.
So you rather have democrats run another four years in the white house because of your ideology? Some patriot you are!
He said that many times.....
Cutting taxes, balancing the budget, passing pro life laws, being right about how he saw the world two years ago as it is now makes him a democrat?
Mitt carries some flaws, but overall this is the guy who was right about what is currently going on in the US. He should have been president but independents, hispanics, and foolish conservatives decided that Obama for four more years would be justified. Christie, i lived in NJ enough to know that any politicians coming out of that state is a crook. Rand Paul is untrustworthy and all that he's been doing is talking. Ted Cruz says all the things that we want to hear, but lack of experience and the fact that he can't show leadership among the GOP is of a concern. And, his wife is head of Goldman Sachs in the SW region. Conflict of interest with a scumbag entity? No thanks. Scott Walker is the guy i want to see run. Jeb Bush has too many anti-Bush votes from both Dems and conservatives. To me it's either Mitt or Scott. People that actually know how to work in government....
No, Americans in need of someone who they now see would have handled, and would be handling, things the right way.
Mitt's got my vote. I'm amazed that Vespa disregards Mitt's vision of two years ago as just a "I was right playing card". He was right about significant issues... Issues that affected the world. Other candidates? Rick Perry is not smart enough. Sorry. The guy was a good Texan governor but he was horror show in debates and he still was part of the problem with illegal immigration when it came to free tuition to illegals. Basically taking taxpayers' money and giving free education to illegals and not helping Americans with their education. Scott Walker is my first choice if Mitt does not run. Excellent work in Wisconsin. Likable. Understands how to deal with liberals as well. Jindal is too unpopular and isn't recognized for anything extraordinary. Likable, but very weak candidate. Marco Rubio is untrustworthy, but would be a heck of a VP weapon to connect with hispanics. He should have been Mitt's pick, second to Condi Rice, who i think should still be on a presidential ticket. Mike Pence is very good, but not well known and will have to score big headlines to get attention. Rand Paul? No thanks. His dad did enough damage and he didn't do anything to help the GOP in 2012. I love Ted Cruz as a senator but i feel as if this guy is to us what Obama was to liberals. Says all the right things, but does he have his own agenda? Too connected with Goldman Sachs. He has little leadership skills. Fights within his own party and would be a divider for the country, which people really do not like. Mitt Romney? Healthcare will be an issue in 2016 and until there is an actual proposed bill that lays out a healthcare system by any one of those candidates then there is nothing to really say against Romney. He dealt with it in Mass., and people there still like it and want it. We criticize Obama when we say he ignores the majority of the people in the polls, well...same would have applied to Romney then. He did what people wanted and rather than a core 100% socialist plan that his liberal legislature wanted, he watered it down to a simplistic 80 page plan. And Gruber did nothing to trick people there. Not tough enough in debates? He knocked out Obama in the first debate. Candy Crowley ruined the second debate. And the third was good in explaining what would happen to the world with Obama's policies. He was right. The guy would have taken action to help the economy. Would have taken action to make America strong in the world.
Only down 30%.........??? Not sure how that's a small number.
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Dear Mitt and Jeb: No, Thanks

MPeroni Wrote: Oct 27, 2014 9:52 AM
I say yes, Mitt, please run again. He predicted the situation that we are in now two years ago. Conservative principals: Cutting taxes, turned debt to surplus in blue state, cut gov regulations in blue state. Planned to build stronger military and intelligence. Would not have left Iraq. Right now there is only one candidate who has actually a proven record with experience. Scott Walker. The rest, just talkers.
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