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Chipotle: Don't bring guns in our stores

MPeroni Wrote: May 19, 2014 11:43 PM
Nothing wrong with this. It's capitalism and they have every right to dictate a policy to improve their business. I'm pro 2nd, but i am primarily pro liberty of business activities. Now if the government applied that policy, that would not make me happy.
If i were Romney i'd honestly tell the tea party people and the evangelical right to shove it and wouldn't even give them a penny or help raise a penny. Palin didn't help him. Rand Paul didn't help him. He was criticized constantly by the tea party and conservatives and the turnout should have been better. Tough luck. I guess they preferred Obama over Romney. Ted Cruz just applauded Mandela and the "battle" he led in SA. He sounded like a cheap politician wanting to get his word in on national TV sounding like a typical politician wanting to gain interest. Well, you just lost any support i would have had for you, Teddy. To me it's either Scott Walker or Mitt Romney, so far.
Jeb was a great governor. I may not agree with everything he supports, but i know he did a heck of a job in Florida and is the kind of powerhouse that would be hard to beat. I'm starting to think anyone by Rand Paul. I don't trust that daddy's boy who cowered in silence during the '12 election and didn't help us defeat Obama because his daddy was screwing things up along as well for us.
A damn shame that the Tea Party didn't show up in 2012. This guy had all the makings of a solid president.
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Poll: Grimes: 46%; McConnell: 42%

MPeroni Wrote: Feb 08, 2014 5:57 PM
So, the tea party would want to see McConnell voted out to another conservative who is way behind him in polls and would eventually lose by a landslide against the democrat? Got it.
Klayman was completely unprofessional. I agree with him, but on such an important issue you don't attack the host like that. That was unacceptable on his part and he made himself look like a jerk. They even brought him back. He got kicked off the screen not because of the topic, but because he was just ranting on CNN and Don. O'Reilly would have done the same thing.
Jesus was not white, her mistake there, but seriously…. Santa? As in…after Saint Nick….as in back in Germany….as in…how many black people were in Germany at the time?
I don't mind how he has been a bit liberal as a lot of youth has come back into the Church. What I do mind is his overly compassionate messages he gives to illegal immigrants in Italy telling Italians to be more welcoming, while not saying anything about the violence and crimes that they are bringing in. He's got to be stronger here in the US regarding the hispanic population too. Too easy to be Catholic but vote democrat and not feel guilty about voting for anti-Catholic beliefs. Shameful.
So now you're being racist? That'll help....
Tea Party is not doing well enough. Not enough power. A lot of good talk, but abysmal results. Didn't help enough in 2012. Not enough now. If they won't help in 2014 this movement should be terminated.
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