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Is This Still America?

Mountain Rose Wrote: Jul 16, 2013 6:46 AM
I think it is weird that the Hollywood mouth breathers who only have something smart to say if a screen writer wrote it, are all calling Zimmerman "white." He is darker skinned than Eric Holder, for pete's sake! Not that anyone should care: justice should be blind. But when Kirstie Alley tweeted that "we" used to make black people drink at separate fountains, did that pin head ever consider that Zimmerman would have been required under Jim Crow (instituted by Democrats) to drink at the Colored fountain? NO, of course not because she is a moron! I personally never made anyone drink out of a different fountain than me, and have never treated someone of another race badly. I am sick and tired of being lumped into the pile with bigots and racists, who incidentally were DEMOCRATS! The Soros-following mouth breathers posting lies on Facebook should be ashamed. And may I add, none of them give a flying fig for all the teens in Chicago who are gunned down in the streets ON PURPOSE by gang members. But I am ranting...
samplin Wrote: Jul 16, 2013 8:12 AM
The Hollywood types are granted a bully puppet by virtue of access to fawning masses. They are actors. They recite the words of others just like BO.
AZhot Wrote: Jul 16, 2013 7:56 AM
Look at what's occurring in Fruitcakefornia now. I guess you never let a good chance to riot and loot go to waste. What a bunch of savage clowns. Why doesen't the NAACP address things like this? Why don't they speak out about the "stud" that fathered 22 children by who knows how many women? Why don't they speak out about their 'bros' and 'sistas' gaming the system? Why? Because they all have the "I gots it comin" attitude. That's why.