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Immigration Reform. . . Again?

Mountain Rose Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 4:34 AM
Instead of seeing Latinos as just immigrants, we need to see the millions of them who live here legally. For many of them, their families have been here longer than most Anglo families. Many were here when Spain still owned California! These people are our natural allies, distraught at the way Hollywood and the Music Industry have corrupted the morals of their kids. The Latino men I meet in the culture are genteel, gallant, religious and respectful. I am a single, middle-aged lady with and ancient car. I often break down, and invariably, a Latino man, usually of Mexican descent, will stop to help me out. These are the people we want in the GOP, but we won't attract them by lumping them together will illegal aliens.
Mountain Rose Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 4:36 AM
And I want to add, conservatives need to watch out for the scheme the President has to tar us as reactionaries.

We need to change the subject to issues that are important to us and will draw all men to our beacon.

Not wasting any time, Obama has jumped on every liberal issue that he can since he was inaugurated for his second term. He is not “letting a good crisis go to waste”. Last week it was gun control. The media was on it 24/7. This week it’s all about immigration reform and the push is on. We HAVE to get this done…NOW! Let’s take a deep breath and look at what we will need to deal with if Congress jumps...