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The Weasel in the White House is showing his totalitarian streak, like all "good" little Marxists.
STOP USING THE LEFTIE'S LYING LANGUAGE! If the law says it defines marriage as between one man and one woman, that is what the press should call it. Town Hall should be ashamed using the term "ban gay marriage," because it would also ban Polygamy, Patrimony, as well as marriage to your faithful pal Rover! If Town Hall doesn't get it right, who will?
I am a third generation Californian and I am ready to cry over what the lefties are doing to my once Golden State.
Yes, she worked very hard for that title: TWIT!
Kamala grabbing Barbara Boxershorts' seat? Heh heh heh.
Great, what we all need is financial advice from the same Weasel who cut Econ 101 in order to sit on a surfboard and smoke a doobie. But it is one thing to be stupid about economics when you are a young head-full-of-mush and another thing to see your policies destroy the economy of the greatest country on earth, and insist that we need more more more extravagant spending, picking the pockets of the desperate citizens who have slipped from middle class and are now scraping to get by. Honestly, I can't listen to this man speak, because he makes me sick.
Really these "laws" are anti business. A business person should be free to choose what they are willing to sell. I am waiting for the left to try and force the American people to pay for men to get pregnant
While the Weasel in Chief was sewing his wild oats, I wonder how many little brothers and sisters of Sasha and Melia had their lives snuffed out by this bloodthirsty rodent?
Hey, I thought liberals were supposed to be in favor of anti-trust laws. But then of course, Oblahblah the Whitehouse Weasel sees no need to obey the laws. Let's all decide which laws to obey, and start pirate radio and TV stations.
Run Mitt Run!
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