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Like the dope on the V-8 commercial, Americans are slapping themselves on the foreheads and saying, "Wow, I could have had Mitt!" Those of you who didn't vote for Mitt are responsible for the White House being overrun with weasels.
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What Obama's Ferguson Sermon Left Out

Mountain Rose Wrote: 24 hours ago (7:08 AM)
Obama loves bullies, no matter what kind of happy horse hockey he spouts on the WH website. The more he blathers on, the more he disgusts me.
Barak Obama is a dishonest weasel. What's new? He pretends to be against bullying, and YET he stand up for this thug who was shot by that poor officer in Missouri. Anyone who has seen the surveillance tape of Michael Brown, who was enormous, pushing around the store clerk, who was literally half his size, will know what a nasty bully he was. Obama doesn't care if black people are bullies, he only cares that he gets money from West Hollywood filling his campaign chest. Obama is the worst kind of hypocrite.
Of course, it is so obvious I can't understand why this is an issue for some people. The city was OBVIOUSLY protecting its citizens by allowing them to finish their commute home before they released the information. I guarantee you they were thinking of Reginald Denny being pulled from his truck cab and beaten nearly to death while liberal officials merely wrung their hands. In addition to this, they were giving the prosecutor a chance to put together his excellent presentation, which thoroughly impressed me.
Michael Brown was a violent thug, who met a violent end - fitting for all vicious bullies who beat up people for a frickin cigar!
Robert McCullough for PRESIDENT!
I think most black people are decent, and what you are seeing is Marxist thugs capturing the media's attention. This is true for both Latino and Black areas.
If the decent black people in Ferguson want to have businesses and JOBS in their city, and if they would like to have police protection, then they need to kick out the radicals and stand up for order. Michelle Obama whines about "food deserts" in America, where minorities have to drive to other areas to buy nutritious foods for their families, but where is she when rotten thugs drive businesses out of minority areas by rioting and destroying businesses. Does she really expect grocery stores to remain in the area after being burned to the ground? It is her responsibility to stand up to the Commie Organizers and tell them to knock it off - and to insist her husband fire Eric Holder, who foments violence at every opportunity.
OBlahBlah the Dictator... Emphasis on the first syllable...
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Long Wars Aren't Working

Mountain Rose Wrote: Nov 22, 2014 10:53 PM
Want a short war? Fight to win, not to be social workers with guns.
The Grubster is just another corrupt Omamanista weasel-boy
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