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Hillary's Empathy Problem

Mountain Rose Wrote: Jul 24, 2014 12:47 PM
Years ago, I started blogging about Mzzzz Clinton's unpleasant voice and her need to learn how to speak well. The former First Lady still screeches when she speaks, even when she tries to talk in a lower register. Her voice is her downfall. It makes her sound like a fish wife.
I wish the Libertine-arians would spend as much time combating the stupid anti-smoking laws and anti-vaping laws as they do the anti-doping laws. Then I would be convinced they weren't just a bunch of pot heads.
Holding a doobie in one hand and typing with the other?
Honestly, when are we going to get a clue and kick the UN off our continent? Get US out of the UN!
You are surprised that a lying weasel tells lies?
What the flip are you talking about? Is Coors your "breakfast of champions?"
I wish all conservative politicians would learn from Gowdy's example
Why is anyone surprised that this leftie weasel is a big fat LIAR?!!!! Their major modus operandi is lying. However, Governor Perry needs to speak out about the lies of the left. If you let these weasels get away with lying without answer, they control the debate.
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10 Things to Know for Thursday

Mountain Rose Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 4:37 PM
Heard Madeline Albright's comments about Israel. Honestly, how did this woman ever become Secretary of State? She certainly earned the nickname Half Bright!
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