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The difference between the Weasel in the White House and Marco Rubio is very clear. Though Oblahblah was born in Hawaii - in the USA, he was raised by "Anarchist Annie," and spent a great deal of his early years in another country. He then went on to universities that teach hatred for America. He is therefore totally clueless about Cuba. He probably doesn't even know about the incident in which Jimmuh Carter tried to make nice with Castro, and in return the dic-tator sent over all of his criminals, causing a crime wave in Miami that the city still hasn't recovered from.
Go Marco! Go Marco! Go Marco! Go Marco!
He promised Michelle he would give up cigarettes - so he is taking up smoking Cuban Cigars
OBlahBlah would send Karl Marx if he were still alive.
OBlahBlah is the godless moron
The Bay of Pigs has become The Bay of Weasels. This is the stupidest waste of time any President has undertaken. Anything to detract from President Flaming Britches' extreme failure in the Middle East.
The ancient site was created by human beings, and therefore has no significance to radicalized environment human haters like Greenpeace. After all, humans are carbon-based life forms and have no right to exist.
Crud - I meant to hit reply and hit flag instead. Too late at night. Sorry
Where is the MSM with the body count under the mis-government of OBlahBlah?
I have a steady finger for the Islamic flag.
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