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10 Things to Know for Today

Mountain Rose Wrote: 1 hour ago (3:37 AM)
GoreBull Warming is once again shown to be a big fat lie! Meanwhile, in California, its raining, but the Democrank government is still lying through its teeth, telling the people there is still a drought so they can send all the water to the wetlands like Mono Lake and keep it away from the Farmers in the Central Valley and the suffering people of Los Angeles.
Republicans should do whatever it takes to relieve suffering of the American people from the effects of this toxic legislation, and whatever it takes to return freedom to all. The Lefties have been after the insurance companies ever since the '80s and the beginnings of AIDS, when the radicals tried to force the American people into paying for the consequences of immoral and promiscuous lifestyles. No one can convince me that Shrillarycare, Pelosicare and Obamacare aren't a continuation of pressure from those same activist groups, and that is why they are getting so much money from Hollywood and West Hollywood. Obamacare doesn't help poor people who are being forced to buy insurance they can little afford. All the other garbage thrown in is mere obfuscation.
Sorry, I tried to flag the guy below me and flagged myself by mistake!!!
If pastors want me back in church, they will have to include beautiful traditional music during service. Every church I have visited in my area has a no-talent rock band with a drummer who thinks he is Ginger Baker. Use the organ and the hymnals for Heaven's sake!
Winning Latinos by getting out our real message of nation wide prosperity, low taxes, deregulation, and pro-business policies is the way to go. There are millions of small business owners in the Spanish speaking community, and would be vastly helped by Republican ideas, and are harmed by Democrank nonsense. The more we can punch past the lies and get our real message out to them the more they will want to be on our side. The more we act like hoze and chase after the illegal issue, the more we allow the left to define the issues, the more we will lose, especially if we jump on the side of less law and order. Talk to Latinos using talk radio and you will discover they worry about their families the same way we do, that they don't want their daughters having babies without being married, that they are our natural allies for the most part, but have bought the lie that we hate them. Stop letting the left frame the discussion as being about illegal aliens. There are vast numbers of Latinos whose families were here when the Southwest belonged to Spain. Don't insult them by ignoring them in favor of people who come here illegally.
Having grown up with a leftie mother, I can guarantee you the whole bunch live for the moments when they can make the lives of other people miserable.
I wish someone would hold a candle to Obama - oh, someone already has, his britches are on fire.
The president is always adding to GoreBull Warming with his hot air, which his constantly flapping lips fail to fan enough air to cool off.
If president Flaming Britches Blow Hard thinks he can pick and choose which laws to enforce, I can choose not to obey anything the Democranks pass. Pass being the operative word...
Nasty Nan P. Lousy is a grad-A narcissist who cares nothing for other human beings, as proven by her insistence that the struggling American taxpayer pay for her expensive jet and jet fuel during her reign of error, even though she is filthy rich! http://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-politicians/democrats/nancy-pelosi-net-worth/
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