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While our government is releasing thousands of real criminals out of prison, while thousands of illegal aliens are storming our borders unopposed, and California Democrat administrations are turning police officers into revenue-raising wonks by making them go after ordinary citizens, America's "top cop" is shaking down law enforcement while standing up for criminals. This happens every time Democranks gain power. There is a mental illness among the radical left that compels them to hate "normies" and love law breakers. Cops are endangered every day they are on the job, but Holder shows his hatred for those who advocate for law and order by his actions once more. He is an incompetent weasel who belongs in the unemployment line.
Changing the name of Obama's shill to "Ernest" doesn't make him any less of a Carnival Barker. Ernie is just as much of a dupe as his predecessor - with an emphasis on "cess"
So glad my family left that part of the world in the 18th Century
I recall the debates when the Democranks all told us that Iraq was the wrong war and Afghanistan was the right war
People will never make their way to Democracy without freedom
Yes. We never blame anything on Obama because he is so incompetent we have very low expectations for such a loser. Too bad he will go down in history as the worst President ever!
Waiting for President Flaming Britches to call this "WORKPLACE VIOLENCE," like he did with the Fort Hood shooter. This administration is the laughing stock of the entire world.
Since my industry collapsed, everyone I know is struggling. So what do the Democranks who run Los Angeles and California do? Instead of trying to attract more companies, they employ anti-business policies that drive away major corporations that would have employed thousands of people. The new bunch is as bad as the last. Detroit will look down on us in a couple years.
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The Environmental Corruption Agency

Mountain Rose Wrote: Aug 01, 2014 6:17 PM
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