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I think it is how you define "happiness." Dennis Prager has a Happiness Hour in which he makes a distinction between happiness and fun. If you listen long enough, he is really talking about cheerfulness, contentment, a positive attitude and even joy. He contrasts it to being constantly unhappy, like a leftie.
Notice how nobody mentions his name or shows his picture? The left genuflects to the Orginista in Chief, President Flaming Britches. Therefore, they will never do anything that doesn't forward his Marxist agenda.
Did you see the YouTube vid of the so-called victim bulllying a convenience store clerk who was literally half his size? As far as I am concerned, the cop saved the state hundreds of thousands of dollars that would have been spent warehousing the enormous thug in prison most of his life.
Has anyone but me noticed the similarity of tactics between the little creeps in this stupid, pointless protest and the other little creeps who called themselves the 99 percent and also disrupted traffic? Just an updated version of the Bolsheviks, (Russian for "majority"). Can it be these are just our own modern day Bull-shi-vistas? Smells like White House Team Spirit to me!
I like a lot of these young guys, including Cruz.
Rand Paul maybe, but his dad looks like one of the "Wax Works" companions of Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard.
Thank you! Posts like this make me long for a "like" button on TH.
We can thank dolts like you for us being stuck with another 4 years of President Flaming Britches. SHAME ON YOU!
Like the dope on the V-8 commercial, Americans are slapping themselves on the foreheads and saying, "Wow, I could have had Mitt!" Those of you who didn't vote for Mitt are responsible for the White House being overrun with weasels.
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