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Heh heh heh - he may be the son of an American, but she was nicknamed Anarchist Annie. Oblahblah is a chip off the old comrade.
Imagine, during the Blitz, when the Nazis were brutally shelling London, America told England to calm down and cease firing back? Kerry spouts typical empty-headed leftist BS, and it makes me want to puke that he is representing our country to the world. For a while there, I thought he might be an improvement on Shrillary, but apparently not. He is a dyed In the wool leftist on the job, and a spoiled hypocrite when he goes home to his rich wife and her ketchup empire. Thank God for courageous leaders in Israel, Australia and Canada, who stand up and tell the truth. I only wish we had someone as great as these men.
My only comfort is knowing this nasty weasel will someday stand before the Judgment Seat of God and give an account for what he has done to the greatest country on Earth. Remember the Parable of the Talents? Obama is the fool who buried his talents (America) underground. He has buried us like Khrushchev predicted. He is a bigger tool for the Soviet resurrection than Putin.
The thing that kills me is that this nasty weasel is going to retire filthy rich like those no-good-niks, the Clintons. He is going to be rewarded for being a major AH - in fact he is the Whole A! Arrrrgh!
Obama hired a liar? What a surprise! NOT!!!!
I wonder if Kerry ever found those medals he tossed over the WH fence after 'Nam?
Netanyahu makes me wish we could elect a non-American for President. Right now, the White House has been taken over by weasels, reminiscent of Toad Hall.
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Hillary's Empathy Problem

Mountain Rose Wrote: Jul 24, 2014 12:47 PM
Years ago, I started blogging about Mzzzz Clinton's unpleasant voice and her need to learn how to speak well. The former First Lady still screeches when she speaks, even when she tries to talk in a lower register. Her voice is her downfall. It makes her sound like a fish wife.
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