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off this topic, but regarding Town Hall - ever since you all have started adding all these "Tweets" to the articles, they take forever to load. Even worse, when I try to click in the box so I can type, the page will suddenly jump, forcing me to click on something that doesn't interest me and drags me away to another page. Why not have a button someone can click if they are interested in seeing the Twitter feed? Since I happen to HATE Twitter, I pass those comments by and will never read them. They are a nuisance and a time waster and now they are annoying me on Town Hall.
I guess Scott Walker is used to abuse from the radical Left, but it is only going to get worse, because the corrupt union thugs fear him. He needs to keep fighting them back, pointing out the lies and put down the howling jackals without becoming one himself. Good trick, but if anyone can do it, Walker can.
Another so-called "Dreamer" was the murderer of Jamiel Shaw, a young black high school student who was killed just steps from his own house by the son of illegal aliens, who targeted Jamiel (a high school football player and good student) because he was black and because he was wearing a red Spiderman back pack. At that time Jamiel's mother was serving her country in Iraq, and had to hear the news of her son's murder over the phone. Jamiel's Law would target illegal alien gang members in the city of Los Angeles, but because local politicians lump together law-abiding Latinos with illegal aliens, they are afraid to touch the issue with a 10 foot pole. http://www.isupportjamielslaw.com Isn't it time for conservatives to reach out to the decent, hard-working Latinos who suffer more than anyone under the toxic policies of Democrats who refuse to keep out the criminal elements from our great nation?
I am ashamed to say that women are more prone to hysteria then are men. Since hysteria is the bread and butter of the radical left, it is no surprise that women are more likely to be Democranks than men. No wonder why the left is working so hard to emasculate American boys. If you have a son in school, know that he is being abused daily by feminazis disguised as teachers.
And regarding the left and Jihadis, well they think crazy islamic radicals will help them tear down the America they hate, too stupid to realize thse same terrorists will turn around and bit them when they are done.
Why? Because they have been thoroughly brainwashed by their Marxist masters. They are useful idiots. My mother was such a useful idiot, but back in that day she was unusual. Nowdays these fools are commonplace. I remember being astonished at the nutty ideas my mother would come up with. I though she was mentally ill. But now I realize she was just a leftist. I remember when she would throw a conniption when the waiter in a restaurant would graciously give her a cold glass of water on a hot day. What was this, I thought: had she suddenly gotten hydrophobia? But no, she was protesting the waste of water and electricity (for the ice). Or when she would take that same water at the end of the meal and use it to wash her hands right at the table to show we shouldn't just pour that water down the drain. But nowdays the environmental nuts have more power. They lie to Californians that there is a drought, even when it is pouring rain outside, and send that water off to the hundreds of wetlands restoration projects throughout the state, because don'tcha know, that is more important than human beings. When are the Republicans going to speak out on the fact that Democrats prefer rats and bait fish to human beings, that poor people are being crushed by their pro-enviromnent, anti-human policies? I don't think Republicans care for the poor any more than the Democrats do, but conservative policies harm us less. Failure to even point this out keeps the poor voting Democrat, for the very people that keep them in poverty, all the while pretending to love them.
I am waiting for someone to mention my age group among those who are most harmed by Democrat policies. Here is the so-called Golden State, Californians between 55 and 65 are really suffering, with a double whammy from Washington and Sacramento. As corporations leave this part of the world screaming, those of us who worked in one industry our entire lives find it impossible to train for a new career. Nobody wants to train someone who is getting ready to sign up for Social Security when they can get one of a zillion 30 year olds who are desperate to find a job, who look cute walking around the office, even though their work ethic is questionable. Not enough jobs means that those of us in the limbo years are trying to scratch out livings in an environment that crushes anyone who tries to start a business, and a government that pretends you are middle class when you can barely keep a roof over your head, and wind up eating Raman noodles for dinner half the month. When I was young and poor, inflation hadn't taken such a toll on grocery prices, with farmers the Central Valley making it easy to buy fresh produce for low prices. But thanks to the radical environmentalists, the water remains shut off to the farmers, until fresh fruit and vegetables are getting further and further out of reach. Obama's refusal to take emergency action in this situation has been underreported. Stupid Republicans neglect to mention this, because inflation in the food department hasn't hurt fat cat politicians yet.
No shock that a former KGB agent would kill the opposition. I'll just bet Obama is jealous.
By the way, today a Dollar is worth 65% of a British Pound. When I was in my 20s, under Jimmuh Carter, the Dollar was worth 200% of a pound (I was dating a Brit at the time). I can't understand why nobody seems concerned about the dropping value of the Dollar, unless someone is hoping to hide what a terrible condition the economy is actually in.
Perhaps Media Matters is the source of all the hate campaigns I see coming from my leftie 'friends" on Facebook. But there is another, more subtle problem cable shows like O'Reilly's have: the poverty that is overtaking the working middle class thanks to the Democrank policies in places like Southern California, where Los Angeles leads the nation's poverty rate. The government is cheating the inflation index, by leaving out the basic cost of living. Necessities like food and rental housing are skyrocketing, yet economists leave these things out, because inflation in these areas don't hurt the wealthy. Republicans are finally beginning to discuss how Leftist policies hurt the poor, but is it too late to recover their reputation of not caring for the downtrodden? If O'Reilly wants more conservative viewers, he needs to find a way to reach those of us who can't afford cable, because we are growing in number.
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