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The Way Ahead

moulinroe Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 1:48 PM
Republicans were once people who welcomed the advances of science and education, were generally civil in their dealings with political opponents, shunned conspiracism and outrageous paranoia, and were not constantly sounding the alarm about the impending end of civilization. For those in the Republican, Neo-Con, Tea Party conspiracist subculture, Obama as president, represents a constitutional crisis because he is seen as a traitor betraying the country to secret elites plotting a collectivist totalitarian rule through a global New World Order. Republicans think with their blood.

For the first time since the early days of our republic (Jefferson-Madison-Monroe), we’ll have three straight two-term presidents.

One of the advantages -- and challenges -- of winning a second term is that there’s no transition period. So in the spirit of bipartisanship, here are three areas policymakers should tackle before the end of the year.

1) Prevent Taxmageddon.

A massive tax increase, almost $500 billion, is set to hit at the end of this year. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke calls it a “massive fiscal cliff,” and the Congressional Budget Office forecasts that it would trigger another recession. The...