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Beware of Gifts and Grand Bargains

moulinroe Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 5:03 PM
Goodly evangelical Christians in America have become hopelessly enmeshed in a slavish worship of all that is pleasant, all that is comfortable, all that is material -- they worship things, they worship products. Will they ever succeed in shaking off this burden, in giving free rein to the spirit that was breathed into us at birth, that spirit which distinguishes us from the animal world. Goodly Christian people, you lost the war on Christmas; you turned the birth of Christ into an orgy of materialism and a worship of consumerism. Goodly Christian people in American, have you no shame?
The stock market continues to send a message to Washington that it's not going to tolerate a protracted battle over the fiscal cliff. Memories of the debt ceiling battle, which ironically gave birth to this fiasco, are haunting investors.

The year began with gusto with the Dow coming into 2011 at 11,569, and moving mostly straight up to 12,724 by July 21. Then anxiety overcame the market. There was talk of America not paying its bills. There was talk of America not providing vital services. There was talk of disaster and calamity. The talk turned into screams.

July 31, an agreement is...