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A Different Kind of History

moulinroe Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 1:57 PM
Bubba Clinton's sexual misconduct got Republican 'knickers in a twist' because they demonstrated symptoms of his liberal secular outlook which tie him to a longstanding conspiracy against God, individual responsibility, and national sovereignty. The traits 20th century fascism and 21st century Republicanism share are obsession with action for action's sake, the exaltation of instinct over intellect, and of tradition over progress; the insistence that the Republican Party represents the "true" national identity; and the violent rejection and desire to eliminate both foreign enemies and internal ones, the latter being those deemed toxic to the national body politic. Again, you Republicans think with their blood.
Tacitus X Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 4:18 PM
Let's take it one more time real slow. The fascists and nazis were for powerful centralized government - like today's Dims. Conservatives in the GOP are for limited constitutional government. Was that so hard?

"Before there were houses in this land, there were altars." A timelier reminder you could not get, as we confront realities about immigration and secularization in the United States. It's a point made by the Archbishop of Los Angeles, Jose H. Gomez, as he tries to morally educate, animate, and challenge.

Gomez promotes learning the entire story behind our country's founding. "Immigrant missionaries were naming this continent's rivers and mountains and territories for saints, sacraments and articles of the faith," as he put it in a speech to the Napa Institute last summer.

"Catholics founded America's oldest settlement,...