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Americans Run Towards the Fire

Motoga3 Wrote: Apr 23, 2013 10:34 AM
Fantastic commentary, Mr Schlichter. I follow you on Twitter and recall that exchange between you and the elitist snob whose jabs at you betrayed what a cowardly, manicured-fingernailed little man he must be.
Very well-said, Willi. Demons are real, they are out there, and they are in our homes unless you constantly pray and take action to combat them. I was just discussing this w/ a family member last night. They are sneaky and attack people in very subtle ways. The devil doesn't walk up to you and say, 'hi-I'm the devil--I'n going to tempt you now in order to take your soul.' Prayer, fasting, self-denial: tried and true ways to combat evil like abortion and disordered desires. St Michael the Archangel, pray for us.
I commented on TH when it was first reported that he was running. Among other things, I commented that Sanford is morally and mentally unfit to hold office. Questioned why the GOP estab would not put pressure on him not to run. Maybe they did--we'll never know. Their track record as of late does not inspire confidence that they have the best interest of constituents in mind. I figured the only saving grace might be the hope of the good sense of the voters in that district to know better--to know right from wrong, and vote accordingly. Those voters have themselves to blame. For shame. Sanford should spend the rest of his life in silent political exile, begging forgiveness of all who he has hurt. For shame, S. Carolina.
Thank you, Ms Libeau, for your commentaries. I gave up politics (thus, Townhall, etc) for Lent. Blessings abounded w/ that decision, but that's another topic. Point being, the distance from the arguing, bullying and adolescent bickering on both sides of debates in politics really cleared the field, in my mind. Most of what one hears/reads is very dark and tawdry. Your perspective, however, is consistently one of the few that rises to the top. You approach matters from a reasonable and adult perspective. Thank you, keep up the good work.
Further, when you get into the whisperings of Obama's personal obsession w/ drone attacks, you're getting into anti-social personality disorder, also know as 'sociopath', a diagnosis held by Ted Bundy and the like. We have a very unstable man as president.
Very interesting post, Kirk. Guess who also falls in that 85% category, with extremely high self-esteem? The repulsive man in the White House. Spawn of an unstable communist-sympathizing mother and an abusive alcoholic absent father, who was 'turned over' for 'mentoring' to a card-carrying Communist pedophile when he was young. That man has so much self-esteem, he fits the profile of one with narssistic personality disorder, who was likely sexually abused as a child. How many of those inmates do you think share the same profile as our president? I would bet a lot. The amount of psychological pathology in that man could choke a horse. He is an emotional child, as evidenced by his unfettered statements like, 'I won.'
Repulsive. Yet another power-hungry and obsessed crack addict to holding political office. Puke$ like this are 100% in the game for their own selfish warped needs--not about serving their constituents or the country. Shame needs to make a huge comeback in this country--lowlives like this man (Repub or Dem) should be spending the rest of their wretched lives out of the public realm, searching for ways to make right with all the people they have let down, including God. I hope the people in that district have good heads on their shoulders and send this joke back to the basement.
So easy to armchair quarterback, right? She shot his teeth out (cops found teeth all over the scene), and his liver, intestine, and stomach were punctured. Head and center mass hits. Excellent performance under extremely high stress situation, not only protecting her own life, but that of her 2 kids. Then, knowing she was out of rounds, she had the guts to approach the blubbering intruder (he was crying), weapon still drawn, and scream at him that she'll shoot again if he tries to move, knowing she can't. An effective bluff on top of landing 5 rounds. She's a hero. Picking apart her trigger squeeze makes your comment sound like a bunch of worthless hot air.
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