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Mr Hewitt--I'm a regular listener to your show, have been impressed with your good sense on most issues. Don't agree on this one. Sounds like you're advocating this enormous action to attempt to restore credibility to an incompetent fool who spoke out of turn on an int'l stage. Also, public opinion on this is heavily against it...just like Obamacare. Isn't it hypocritical to say to politicians 'listen to your constituents' on O-care, but not on getting involved in yet another mess in the ME? Kerry did nothing but spew propaganda yesterday. The insistence that intel said Assad (not rebels) used CE sounded a lot like the 'you tube video' tactic...none of this sounds right, and you advocate for it? Wow.
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Detroit, Heal Thyself

Motoga3 Wrote: Sep 01, 2013 11:04 AM
Very interesting article from several perspectives, both this one and the HuffPo piece on The Barnes Foundation. Didn't know all that info re: Barnes. I did enjoy an exhibit in the early '90's at a museum of The Barnes collection (and bought a Cezanne print), guess Dr Barnes wouldn't have wanted his collection touring, and his wishes should been honored! What a shame. Great idea, though, re: Detroit. Only problem is who would manage the landfall of cash that the sale would generate--who in that city could be trusted w/ the proceeds?
Dear military, Disagreement does not equal hate. People who do not understand that are emotionally immature children and have no business defending my country. To properly defend anything requires mature virtue and willingness for self-sacrifice. 'Anonymous' complainers show intrinsic cowardice. Why would an authority in our ARMED forces give credence, permission and validation to immature cowardly mental children? This is dereliction of the duty to defend our military against the sniveling cowardly attacks of those who wish to destroy it from within.
Another winner, Mr Schlichter.
I'm convinced they're all being blackmailed, Chicago thug-style. Lady Lindsey is an easy target--one doesn't have to think long to figure that one out. Rubio and Ryan, once promising young conservatives...they have young families, thus, target-rich. If they don't have skeletons in their young closets, the Axelrod machine will invent some, and I think we're seeing the outcome of that.
Great article, Mr Hewitt. I heard your interview of Trey Gowdy last night on your show. As another poster said, I hope the repubs have the sense to give him the ball and let him run. It seems like he's well-prepared and a true servant of finding the truth, not self-promoting childish grandstanding. I'm not confident, however, that the GOP has good sense in these mattters.
People willing to take on the label 'disabled' when they are not gets to the heart of this matter. It speaks to how low personal character has sunk en masse. Think about the psychological impact of labeling oneself 'disabled'--no normal, well-adjusted person would willingly take that on needlessly. I had a stroke at a young age--returned to work in 10 weeks. Disability was offered to me and I could be collecting a check right now. I said 'no way--I'm not claiming that label for my life. The govt doesn't owe me money b/c of a misfortune.' When I hear of people not working, taking money in fraud...all I can do is shake me head--my, how far we have fallen.
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The Art of the Impossible

Motoga3 Wrote: Apr 30, 2013 10:08 AM
You wouldn't believe the amt of paperwork required for h'care providers to now fill out for Medicare patients. It would make your head spin. To What used to take me 10-15 min to document now takes 30 PER patient. It is neither time nor cost-effective (as reimbursement rates are dropping), so our practice is likely going to drop Medicare, as several of our comptitors in town have already done. This is the reality of govt-run healthcare.
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Americans Run Towards the Fire

Motoga3 Wrote: Apr 23, 2013 10:34 AM
Fantastic commentary, Mr Schlichter. I follow you on Twitter and recall that exchange between you and the elitist snob whose jabs at you betrayed what a cowardly, manicured-fingernailed little man he must be.
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