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The elite is secure enough in their power that now they don't hide what they intend to do with it...gone are the days of everyone equal under the law... now the new aristocracy will use their power to reward the loyal and punish their opponents.
Reminds me again that you never hear anyone telling children "consider the source", or "keep it in context" anymore. When you take important writings out of historical context and remove any basis for understanding what led to it's conception, or why it was important it makes it sooo much easier for the progressives to redefine it's meaning and use it for what ever they need at the moment.
"What's an actor need with a conscience"~Jimminy Cricket
Ok, what would the dollar be worth if they did this?
Recess appointments made sense 200 years ago when it too weeks for representatives to communicate or gather for business. It should be done away with now for both parties, as the only purpose it servess at this point is to allow them to circumvent constitutional limits to their power.
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A Queer Need for Rejection

Motherofthree Wrote: Dec 05, 2012 8:07 AM
No one is sinless, but most sinners don't try to force other Christians to congratulate them on their sin, and force public schools to teach their children that sin is good in the name of diversity.
Republican establishment might, they really should wait and see what conservatives have to say though.
When I was growing up, bullies were never swayed by logic, reasoning, fairness or compassion, it ALWAYS took someone or a group of someones who could teach the bully what it feels like to get their can kicked. Today, when there is a bully (and there seem to be more of them due to the lack of common sense, more separated parents, declining morals, etc) the victim that hits back is treated EXACTLY the same as the BULLY. If you want to stop bullying, you have to teach the kids that there is difference between acceptable behaviour and non-acceptable behaviour, and you have to stop the class/social engineering that seems to be teaching the kids that some kids ARE targets (if they have too much, if they're not union , Christian, etc...).
Santorum's problem is Santorum...I agree with him on more than I disagree with him and still find him annoying. He tends to be superior and judgemental. Republicans do need to go conservative, but they need to find someone who is not so annoying.
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Sore Winners

Motherofthree Wrote: Nov 27, 2012 8:05 AM
and they need a dictionary
Actually, I would say Rubio nailed the question with his response without passing on his's the lefty loons that think science and religon are mutually exclusive.
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