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Whistle While You're Raped

Left-libs can't keep their inherent misogyny under wraps forever. From time to time it breaks through and they reveal the true depths of their contempt for women. It says a great deal about both sides that left-lib men are terrified of armed women while conservative men are eager to arm women.
USMC70-73 Wrote: Feb 26, 2013 5:20 PM
Oooorraahhhhh Mother of 4. Forget lingerie. If I see a 1911 strapped to your hip I'll melt.

Freshman lawmaker Joe Salazar, (D. Thornton) became an embarrassing distraction for the liberal juggernaut in Colorado last week when he blurted out what he really thinks of the Second Amendment, the right of self defense, and the faculties of women in peril.

Hint: His views are appalling. As backlash developed, Salazar offered a defensive, non-apology. Then, the liberal power structure went into a defensive goal-line line crouch to contain the damage. The whole drama offers a two act play: embarrassment, then farce.

Embarrassment hit when Salazar argued women should be barred from bearing arms for self defense on...