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The Comfort of Welfare

"Japan is correct. Poverty shouldn't be so comfortable you don't want to work. The dole is more than just a handout, it's a way of life for those that get sucked into it long term. It's an insidious trap, and the longer one gets stuck, the more difficult it is to get un-stuck. The promotion of welfare, food stamps and even higher minimum wage as birthrights rather than temporary aide afforded citizens is really disgraceful. Poverty sucks, I know this, but nothing is worse than being an American that never takes advantage of the opportunities this nation provides." Right. People on welfare live more comfortably than people who work blue-collar jobs at the lower-middle-class level. This is not merely wrong, its immoral.
Tony2164 Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 7:56 PM
Whats wrong with poverty? Being poor is good. Not having things is good. If you want things then you will have them. Either by working for them or stealing them. You are still chasing things either way. What would I give if I had an apple tree full of apples?. I would keep a few to eat and give the rest away. Jesus would approve.
This week Japan announced its intention to cut welfare payments by a billion dollars over the next three years because people live too comfortably.

Imagine that, a government would actually tell its citizens you are getting fat and lazy and have no incentive to work because someone else pays your bills. We just found out you can't get government work by telling citizens they're takers. But after its economy derailed, Japan slipped into a two-decade slumber marked by people giving up on old beliefs and traditions like Japan's legendary work ethic. When we thought Japan would conquer the world, including the...
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