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Race Matters...To Racists

Your bigotry does not justify itself through repetition. Race is an artificial social construct with no genetic validity. Skin color and ethnic heritage indicate nothing whatsoever about a given person's moral character. The foolish concept of "group identity" is meaningless. Each individual person is 100% responsible for his or her choices and actions. No group is responsible for any individual's choices and actions. No individual is responsible for the choices and actions made by other people whether or not they bear any surface resemblance.

In February 2009, Attorney General Eric Holder said America is a “nation of cowards” on race because we don’t talk about. So let’s talk about it.

Voter ID

Progressives are up in arms over the prospect of voters being required to show something at the polls they must show regularly to function as a productive member of society – a photo ID. It’s because progressives, particularly progressive Democrats, have a vested interest in preventing as many people as possible, especially minorities, from becoming productive members of society.

Productive members of society – and those who aspire to be – don’t need...