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Obama and Gun Control

"Why are the president and Senator Feinstein so ready to compromise basic American freedoms with gun control measures, that already have a dubious record of success, to solve a problem that President Obama acknowledges we don’t understand?" That's an easy one -- armed citizens can't have their freedom stolen.
poorgrandchildren.com2 Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 7:52 AM
It is not a "a dubious record of success". It is a record of monumental failure with millions of murdered children and DISARMED victims. Gun grabbers enable those murders.

Difficulty in getting change in our country is an ongoing source of frustration. Particularly when we have huge problems facing us as we do today.

But the founders knew what they were doing setting up the checks and balances of our constitutional republic. The delicate arrangement we call freedom should never submit with ease to a charismatic demagogue or to an emotion filled crisis.

The current push for gun control is case and point. It is at a time like this that we should be grateful that changing our laws is hard to do.

Every normal and decent American wants to...