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Leno's Law: Extra Parent Could Split Baby More Ways

Stop spamming utterly unrelated threads. Its just as bad and the Chinese merchandisers.
Gary 56 Wrote: Aug 06, 2012 1:47 PM
.... good conservative running mate,... we just might be able to change the liberal agenda !

By the way Mother of 4 -- the original one, ... what did you mean when you wrote:
" Its just as bad and the Chinese merchandisers" ????

And you're accusing me of "spamming utterly unrelated threads" ? Go figger !
Gary 56 Wrote: Aug 06, 2012 1:42 PM
IN case you haven't noticed it, liberalism is ruining our country in all respects. Republican RINOism is no salvation from this ruination. Tea Party candidates and policies are the only way that our country can solve questions like the question about unnatural policies about artificial parents.

Romney's choice of a VP running mate may well be determinative of many liberal-caused problems. If Romney chooses a firm Tea Party type VP,... I predict that he will win. If he chooses a typical RINO like Perry as his running mate,... I predict that he will loose to Barhama. Getting Romney elected has a direct relationship to all liberal-caused problems.

I am not saying that Romney is all that,.. but he is not Barhama,... and with a...
State Sen. Mark Leno wants California to recognize that a child can have "more than two legal parents." So he wrote a bill, SB 1476, which, he argues, wouldn't change the definition of a parent -- for example, live-in lovers would not qualify -- but would allow family court to recognize more than two parents only "when it is required to be in the best interest of the child." He stresses that if the bill becomes law, "none of our sponsors or supporters believe that this authority will be used very often."

SB 1476 is for rare cases, Leno argues, like that...