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Conscience, Not Guns

Mad at the world? Go shoot up innocent people and our society will fall over itself offering excuses -- guns, mental illness, bullying, ... -- ANYTHING other than a straightforward condemnation that those who do such things are evil monsters who deserve eternal torment and to have their names cursed forever.
rmccarthy Wrote: Dec 18, 2012 8:39 AM
Just as the other terrorists have proven...give a soft target with little threat to the villain and it will be attacked.
From the moment Americans learned of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre last Friday, the entire left -- editorialists, columnists, broadcasters, politicians -- used the occasion to promote one idea: gun control.

For the left, the primary reason for just about all American gun murders is the availability of guns.

I have no interest in debating gun control here. I only wish to ask the left one question: We have a massive system of drug control laws. Yet, the left is the first to argue that the war on drugs has been a failure. And whether or not one deems...

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