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"I am so old that I can remember when sex was private. "Don't ask, don't tell" applied to everybody." How I wish society would go back to this. Why does anyone think that I'm interested in what they did, when, and with whom?
Agreed. The various slim-style, single-stack 9mms are an excellent compromise between the smaller guns that women can more readily conceal on their smaller frames and the need for a reasonable degree of accuracy and capacity. Mine is a Taurus 709 but I'd have gotten the Ruger if it had been available at that time. I'd like to have a Sig 238 for when I need a smaller profile in more closely-tailored clothing.
The Supreme Court also said that Dred Scott was still a slave.
Jesus opened the door. You have to choose to walk through it by your own will.
IMO, it says a great deal that while conservative men are eager to arm women left-lib men are terrified of armed women.
If the Councilwoman wants a grocery store she has the right to, out of her own pocket, offer Dupree enough money to persuade him to sell his building to her and then to open a grocery store. She does not have the right to take his property from him in order to award it to another.
Thanks for the good laugh. Though I'm ashamed to admit that those ding-a-lings live in the same state that I do.
Those who make money by slaughtering the unborn are afraid to let women know the truth.
"You would have had to have suffered a recent closed-head injury to glean that from what Seinfeld said" Poor reading comprehension is one of the hallmarks of the left-liberal.
Who says that we don't feel sorry for the woman who has been victimized by a criminal monster? The problem is that feeling sorry for a rape victim does not change the fact that executing the baby for his/her father's crime is an injustice even greater than the rape was.
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