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Or we could just let individual people work with their own, individual doctors to purchase health CARE (which is only marginally related to health INSURANCE), in the same way that they purchase any other service.
Unless you somehow manage to maintain multiple, valid driver's licenses you'd only be able to vote once -- in the district that matches the address on your license.
When honest people are armed criminals go in fear. To oppose allowing honest people to carry arms is to empower those who seek helpless prey.
Facts left-libs ignore: Bullies don't play nice. It only takes one side to start a war. Weakness invites attack.
If he accidentally registered with the wrong party he should change his affiliation to match his views.
Neither contraception nor abortion have anything whatsoever to do with "women's health" because fertility is not a disease and pregnancy is a normal, healthy condition for an adult female of any mammalian species.
How dare a mere peasant attempt to usurp the inherent right of the Democrat Elite to rule! She should have groveled before her superior and kissed his boots in gratitude for his willingness to turn his superior intellect to the task of ruling over uneducated rubes like her.
They revealed their true nature when the forced a man to resign for daring to believe in the true nature of a human institution older than civilization.
Its about time. I just got a new job and had to agree that they could test me for drugs at any time. Same should go for entitlement program recipients.
There are a lot of episodes of Air Crash Investigations available on YouTube. Several of them go pretty deeply into the limitations of the radar tracking systems. Military radar is far more sensitive than civilian radar -- so sensitive that it is nearly useless for civilian purposes because it shows too much clutter. If there had been an AWACS plane up in the vicinity we'd know a lot more than we do from civilian radar. And if it was a potential hijacking for terrorist purposes what we know is best kept quiet until the appropriate Spec Forces group can conduct a rescue.
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