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Clergy Declares Holy War on NRA

He has no authority. Evangelicals believe in the priesthood of all believers so his opinion carries no more weight than any other Christian's opinion. My evangelical pastor, as part of the church membership classes, informs everyone that the members of the security team all have concealed carry permits. Christ did, after all, instruct his disciples to carry swords -- to sell their cloaks to buy one if necessary. In fact, on a recent warm weekend when everyone was wearing light clothing I noticed that the guy guarding the Sunday School wing was printing so badly that I could almost read the logo on one of those full-size pistols with the high-capacity magazines (15, 18, or 22 rounds), that cause left-libs to wet their pants in fear.
vwarde Wrote: Jan 24, 2013 7:34 PM
I am an ordained minister in an evangelical denomination, an NRA rifle instructor, range safety officer, and C&R license holder. I can tell you that the vast majority of theologically conservative clergy support the 2nd Amendment. Right now I am trying to figure out how to start a an organization of clergy in support of the 2nd Amendment..

The battle to demonize the National Rifle Association became a religious crusade when the Rev. Jim Wallis, CEO of Sojourners and “progressive” spiritual advisor to President Obama, convened some clergy for a witch trial.

As a foreword, if you join the NRA, as about 250,000 folks have done in the past few weeks, you’ll be affirming your support for the Second Amendment, not the Nicene Creed.

Wallis rounded up a posse of fellow progressive clergy for a press conference in Washington, DC on Jan. 15. Their heresy detector spiked after Wayne LaPierre, CEO and Executive Vice President...