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It's Election Season, so Wash Your Hands Often

Mother1 Wrote: Aug 12, 2012 8:13 AM
Ms. Saunders says the mudfight "began" with Romney's attack on Obama's waivers and apparently ended with the Obama camp producing a letter that shows him wrong. No mention of the Democrats' disgraceful Joe Soptic ad. I guess only Republicans need to wash their hands?

In this very negative election season, the Barack Obama and Mitt Romney campaigns don't sweat accuracy. Even if fact-checking PolitiFact rates a 30-second spot as "pants-on-fire" false or Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler gives it four Pinocchios -- his maximum rating -- no worries; they don't clean up their act. As Slate's John Dickerson wrote, to the grizzled campaign operatives of 2012, "if you're not getting four Pinocchios or a pants-on-fire, you're not doing it right."

Last week's mud fight began with a Romney campaign ad claiming that in a July 12 memorandum, the Obama administration "quietly announced a...