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Don't Let the "Congressional Impatience Caucus" Push us to War in Iran

MoshesSideburns Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 1:13 PM
If the muzzies wanna kill us, and the Pakistanis have nukes, and the Pakistanis are muzzies..... how come we're not all dead already??
MoreFreedom Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 6:26 PM
The reality is that politicians in countries only want the bomb as a deterrent to being invaded and having their government overthrown. They know if they use the bomb offensively, they will be the recipient of many bombs, and likely will kill a majority of the political leaders and their families.

Iran's bluster, is mainly to keep their citizens in fear, and help their leaders stay in power. Similar to much of the rhetoric in the US. War after all, gives politicians to take more of our money and our freedom, so they can spend it on folks who return the favor in campaign cash.

It would be very difficult for Iran to launch a bomb. Too many can sabotage or stop the launch, and many would do so to save themselves and their families.

The manner in which talk of going to war with Iran is being bandied about this election cycle, might lead an observer to conclude such an act would have consequences no more serious than a family squabble over the Holiday dinner table. As Pat Buchanan noted in his column here at yesterday, some war advocates, such as David Rothkopf, suggest that a so-called “surgical strike” against Iranian nuclear facilities and its consequences, would last no longer than “a day or two at most” and would be without any “civilian casualties.”

It is this sort of naïve – bordering on childish...