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We should have bombed Germany in 1933. But the Paulbots whined and cried. As a result, 6 billion Jews were murdered. Go away isolationists!
Muzzies love death and we love life. We have to fight them over THERE otherwise they're gonna fly over HERE on their magic carpets and drop camel dung on us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pictures from Iran: Filthy animals!
Iran is gonna be a glass parking lot soon! That'll teach them muzzies!
Ryan, If it weren't for us, you'd be a bar of soap or a lampshade, punk.
Ryan wrote: "The three worst mistakes of the 20th century were WWI, WWII and the creation of Israel. Nothing good came out of any of them." ----------------------------- We saved the world from the German hordes you Nazi!
We're gonna have Armageddon, and then Jesus is gonna return, and the dead will rise from their graves, and we're all gonna go to Heaven and be with Jesus! Hurry up Armageddon!
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