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Where did the 2 trillion missing from the department of defense go? Damn- It's too bad the pentagon's accounting offices were destroyed on 9/11! Now we'll never know.
If the muzzies wanna kill us, and the Pakistanis have nukes, and the Pakistanis are muzzies..... how come we're not all dead already??
An attack on Israel is an attack on America! Israel is, after all, a member of NATO.
The Iranians boink camels!
Everyone, Ignore "Ryan". He's an anti-semite!
Great idea Ryan. Fact is, the ENTIRE Middle East belongs to Israel. They're God's Chosen People, you know.
I'm so ascared of the mad mullahs. Can someone hold my hand please?
Has anyone ever inspected Israel's nuclear facilities?
We should have bombed Germany in 1933. But the Paulbots whined and cried. As a result, 6 billion Jews were murdered. Go away isolationists!
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