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Paul Ryan voted for No Child Left Behind. What kind of conservative is that?? Moshe wants to know.
What will Romney do about the record number of military suicides?
Will Romney end the "federal" reserve?
We do not have capitalism but corporatism, where corporations dictate both foreign and domestic policy. What will Romney do to change this?
How will Romney cut spending when he wants to INCREASE the military budget?
Romney will create 12 million jobs. But where - in American or in India?
Romney cares more about Israel than the unemployed American.
Will Romney dismantle the Dept. of Education? The EPA? What exactly will Romney cut?
Will Romney repeal the "Patriot" Act? The TSA? Homeland "security"? The NDAA? No, because he's a prog.
What's Romney's plan to balance the budget? Like all good progs, he doesn't have one.
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