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And you think Republicans in office don't "load the deck" with people they agree with?
Voters are stupid? Mike3230, can you you please get the hell out of America! We need citizens, not communists.
Why, oh WHY can't the Right understand that protecting the ability of criminals to buy guns only leads to criminals having guns?
Yep, nothing racist here.
Got it. You endorse murdering children.
Would that be so bad? The British are healthier and enjoy better health care than Americans.
Don't assure me. Prove it to me. Facts, please.
Wow. Callous much? Let's kill children to make political points?
Because everybody uses every single bit of coverage of their auto, boat, home, etc insurance..... a ridiculous criticism.
What I'm afraid of is your inability to spell simple words. People like you are a key component of what's wrong with America: you don't care.
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