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Adam and EVE...NOT Adam and STEVE
Wake up Christians. YOU are the target. Yeshua has been mis-quoted. If we turn the other cheek and do not resist this evil religion, Christianity will cease to exist.
Muslems do not want peace. They do not want compomise. They do not want to assimilate. Muslems want a universal Caliphate established across the face of the Earth and all infidels converted or killed.
As a Conservative blogger and Freelance writer for a number of gun magazines, I find myself waiting over 17 Weeks for my Federal income tax refund; and this after answering questions at week 6 that I have never been asked before. I have never had to wait more than four weeks until this year.
Are you serious? "principled"? Adultery? Lying? "Mis-using" funds (stealing) ? Are you nuts? The GOP could not find someone with Morals? Tragic...
The House can impeach Obama, but the Senate has to convict with 2/3 majority. What was done was a crime; even ABC acknowledges it.
I have not received a refund this year after 14 weeks...first time ever. Can it be because I blog on all the Conservative sites and write for several shooting magazines?
Hey Joe Biden...Your ONLY chance of beating Hillary and getting the Dem nomination is getting away from you.
How many Conservatives got a 4883C letter instead of a refund? I am still waitng; fouteen weeks later, even after contacting Senator Jeff Flake and having his assurance he would look into it.
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